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Zi has been omni gifted since birth. She is an expert at relationships, telepathy, dream interpretation and animal communication. She is also a master problem solver working in concert with her guides for your happiness.
$27.99 20mins Chat Session

Psychic Reader Application

Thank you for taking the time to apply as a Reader for our family of Psychic and Spiritual sites owned and operated by Jayson Lynn.Net Inc

What We Offer Our Clients:

Psychic Contact and all of our other sister/affiliate sites offer live private chat readings (95% of all our orders are chat), email readings and short text readings sent to a client’s SmartPhone or to their FaceBook acct

Ethics are our number one priority!

NOTE: Professional, honest and caring readers need only apply.
If you are only able to do Live Phone Readings: you may still apply but please note that we are not currently offering Phone Readings at this time- However we will be offering them in early 2012

What We Are Looking For in a Reader:
- Applicants must be 18 years or older with genuine Psychic abilities that can be demonstrated online, or through email We look for all forms of divination including Clairvoyance, Clairaudience, Tarot, Numerology, Astrology, and other Metaphysical attributes.

Requirements and how to apply:
• All Readers must have the capability of writing articles formatted to appear on the web and/or have blogging experience (you must be able to write about spiritual related topics)
• Applicants must furnish us with actual articles or blogs that they have personally written- no 2nd hand, "canned" or plagiarized writings will be considered - 1-2 articles or blogs that you have personally created must be submitted with this application (see details below).
• Applicants must provide a quality photo of themselves for use on our website (can be sent after being hired).
• All of our Readers are required to work a minimum 12 hours per week, but are free to log on as many hours as desired.
• Readers who are "hired" will be on "probation" for a minimum of 6 weeks doing actual client readings (with pay). Should any complaints arise from any of our clients during the probationary period- termination will then be decided by the Site Admin- on an individual basis
• Applicants MUST be fluent in English (grammar and spelling accuracy are taken into consideration at the time of reviewing your application, which includes any articles or blogs you submit: PLEASE USE SPELL CHECK ON BOTH YOUR APP AND YOUR ARTICLES/BLOGS - ANY ERRORS FOUND IN SPELLING AND/OR GRAMMAR WILL CONSTITUTE IMMEDIATE REJECTION OF YOUR APPLICATION
• We operate our sites with strict protocols - you will be given the opportunity to review them all once we have approved your application
• All active Readers on our sites are required to select a "sister/affiliate" site to promote through blogging and article writing. Your affiliate site will be owned by Jayson Lynn.Net Inc and there is NO COST to you to select and promote the site. Of your choice. You will be the featured Reader on your "affiliate" site
• All readers on our sites are considered "independent contractors" and are not employees of Psychic Contact or any of its affiliates. Commissions are paid by check or PayPal. After 8 months of being with us USA residents can request to be paid by direct bank deposit. International Readers will always be paid via PayPal or check

Technical Requirements:
• Minimum typing speed of 60 wpm accurately.
• Basic knowledge of your Computer.
• Reliable, high speed internet access.
• FireFox is required on your computer (or Flock, Google Chrome or Safari) along with Internet Explorer. Other browsers including AOL, MSN & Yahoo are not supported

Note: All questions below are required to be answered- ANY blank fields will automatically constitute rejection of your Application
Please copy and paste the form below into an email, then answer all questions and send to: javachat@psychic-contact.com


Please answer these questions carefully and truthfully. All information is verified and taken into consideration before continuing with hiring process:

Today's Date:
First Name:
Last Name:
City/State or Province:
Phone #
Date Of Birth:
Complete Mailing Address:
Email Address: Type carefully. Applicants entering incorrect or unavailable email addresses will not be considered.
Alternate E-mail Address:
Your Website Address: If applicable.
Date Available For Work:
How many years have you been giving readings professionally?
Do you read and write English fluently? This website supports the English language only. Applicants who require translation software will not be considered.
Please rate your grammar and communication skills:
Do you type at least 60 words per minute accurately?
Are you able to commit to a minimum of 12 hours per week?
Who is your ISP? (Internet Service Provider):
Have you read online before?: (Online experience is required)
Have you given Email Readings previously?
If you answered yes, which sites? PLEASE TELL US THE COMPANY NAMES (List all please) WITH THE NAME THE CLIENTS KNEW YOU AS: examples: [format= Company\Your name] which means enter your info like this: "Psychic Contact\"Joe Light", TarotQuest\"Stargazer", Psychicfair\"Suzie" etc.
What forms of divination do you practice? (List all applicable)
List Relevant Experience. Please be thorough and use regular grammar without caps-lock.

PLEASE ENTER YOUR ARTICLE(s) as attachment(s) to this email (must be a .doc or .txt file)
Or furnish us with links on the web to your blog(s) and/or actual articles:

Add anything else here that you think we may need to know about you.

Thank you! Jayson Lynn/owner