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The Death Card

If you choose this card from the deck, I feel you will dealing with the following:

Dreams and things from your past, new beginnings, old ways dying, the ability to transcend difficulties, old lovers, friends, depression and hope. I see a whole new way of life emerging for you soon - especially as regards to your livelihood and meeting new challenges. The things of yesterday will end and tomorrow brings with it new opportunities.


YOUR MAIN TOPIC OF CONCERN An old flame will ask for your help and you'll have second thoughts in complying with their request. A relationship will break up if it hasn't already done so, but both parties will think about the other - almost obsessively.

Traditionally this card is about: Death is one of the Major Arcana... Expect an important event to occur having to do with change, life cycles, endings and new beginnings

Key # 13 = 4 - The number Four points toward growth, change, creation, stabilizing factors

Key Phrase: The Changer & the Rebirth

Timing: Months: 12 or 3 months, the 3rd or 12th month

Astrology\Planet: Scorpio

A thought from Jayson: Don't fear this Reaper- he brings not Death: only change, Alistair Crowley says: 'Die every day!' I once repeatedly (please don't do this with your cards at home!) asked the cards about a relationship that just ended- the Death card came up 13 times in a row - using 4 Tarot decks!!!! I think the cards know the true answer - always on the first try!