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The Knight of Wands

OVERVIEW: If you pick this card from the deck. I see coming up for you: Never before felt desires, staying strong in the face of dangerous approaches, leaping unknown into the future, dangerous pleasures, friends, about faces, showing your best side.} {You will be most concerned about your homelife, career situations, romantic relationships, papers that need your attention, and major changes to decide on.} {Expect some jealous reactions to things you, or someone else says or does.]

"OUT of the BLUE": (YOUR MAIN TOPIC OF CONCERN): A dangerous or adverse situation will come at you out of the blue.} {There will be some form of jealousy or competitiveness started around you.} {Expect something taking place regarding your career or job, which will awaken a resurgence of your spirit.]

Traditionally this card is about: The Knight of Wands is one of the Court Cards in Tarot... Usually the Court Cards symbolize a person's physical attributes (as seen in the card's image), but there are no Astrological attributes assigned to the Knights in Tarot. When you draw a Knight card think "action" or "change". The Knights symbolize intense change and things going out of, or coming into your life- they can sometimes symbolize people around you and how they affect you, or visa versa with these changes. Wands have to do with thoughts and ideas and things in their beginning stages.

This is the Knight of Change of Consciousness- Hence expect things to synchronize more than before. There will be decisions to make over life's crossroads pertaining to all relationships- both love and career wise. Key Phrase: "The Lord of Inspiration " "Swift, Strong, Noble, Intelligent, Generous, Purposeful, Perceptive, " "To See" "The Adventurer".

Timing: Knights do not tell time- this one ignores time! ;-)

Astrology\Element: Fire

Closest Knight in history: Dagon (A Shape-Shifter opposed to early Christian Cults)

A thought from Jayson: " The need to act swiftly for your own benefit may be the reason you portend to act for another. Though this card usually indicates a helping hand or friend- the one it depicts may act in haste and end up way off track..."(notice the Horse in the Image). There is a certain innocent quality associated with this card (not unlike the childlike Fool in Tarot who lives through "Divine Discontent"- what you need comes to you without realizing you need it. But be careful! This Knight can bring with it inherent danger!..."