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OVERVIEW: If you pick this card from the deck. I see coming up for you: I feel there are things pressing on you at this time, that could relate to: Wants, needs, the home, work, relationships, change and reconstruction, doubts about something or someone, fortitude, knowledge, and the ability to head things off at the pass. You are searching for strength especially when it comes to situations that have taken place already, and you feel you deserve some type of compensation for all your trouble or action you've taken. The object of your attention is in dealing with your own fears, especially when it comes to relationships of love.

OUT of the BLUE (YOUR MAIN TOPIC OF CONCERN): You'll witness a melee or fight in a crowd or on the street. This could be a dispute over money, or an arrest, or police situation.

Traditionally this card is about: Strength is one of the Major Arcana...
Expect an important event to occur having to do with asserting yourself positively.

8 - The number Eight indicates change in the situation - usually without a hitch.

Key Phrase: Infinity, Control, Animal Spirit

Timing: Months: eight months, the eighth month

Planet: Leo/Sun: Infinity, control

A thought from Jayson: Within us all is 'Kundalini' (creative energy). If you become Lion and Lamb at the same time - your Kundalini force emerges as does your true God given strength, Give in order to receive, Give of yourself and to yourself...