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by Summer

What is psychic astrology? It is the art of prediction through clairvoyance, intuition, and spirit guidance for each sign of the zodiac.

ARIES (March 21 - April 19) Aries, you can stop searching! The item that has been missing turns up on its own. There is a good reason for that gleam in your eye! This is the month for things to be happening on their own, good things, and four to be exact. One is exceptionally joyful to inspire that look on your face. If you are facing a job choice or contemplating a job change, it feels like it is best to stay put for now. For those of you in the market for romance, it remains in the looking stage. Anticipate an end of the month party.

TAURUS (April 20 - May 20) Taurus, for a greater part of this month, a cranky man imposes his ideas on you. You will handle it well because a Sagittarius brings fun and creative outlets to take your mind off of the stress. You will hear news of a couple splitting up but you yourself maintain the status quo romantically be it good or bad. Don't let that tightwad at work discourage you from sharing your brainstorms. It will be good practice for the real career opportunity. Someone you know is losing strength rapidly. Be there for emotional support.

GEMINI (May 21 - June 21) Gemini, the main focus of the month is on family. There will be family visitors coming and going and there will be a lively party. Are you waiting for an important call? This is the month it will finally come! At your job, pay close attention to the older man who calls the shots. He is watching you and when raise time comes around he will remember the events of this month. Both a man and a woman will be leaving your life and you will always remember them fondly. Don't forget to take the time to attend to your spiritual side. Even a five minute meditation is better than none at all.

CANCER (June 22 - July 22) Cancer, this is the month for news, news, and more news! Fortunately, most of the news is good or at the very least it is promising. A romantic interest is finally coming out of hiding. Work runs smoothly for a change. If someone wants their freedom, give it to them! They will be sorry and when they try to make amends it will be too little too late. If you accept that invitation to the party it will be a blast although someone you hope to see there doesn't make it. Don't let it spoil your fun. You will see that person another time fairly close to the full moon.

LEO (July 23 - August 22) Leo, smoother sailing is on the horizon. Your creative brilliance shines through and has positive and practical effects and outcomes. There will be forward movement careerwise with few to no obstacles holding you back. On the money side, some will be spent on a man and this will be made up from another source. News both delights you and dismays you. There is an announcement about an addition to the family. Global news about disaster in the east hits home. This isn't a good month for gambling or speculation because you would lose.

VIRGO (August 23 - September 22) Virgo, your spending from the last few months finally catches up to you. A bit of extra work goes far to make up the difference. Unfortunately, a much anticipated call doesn't give you the answer you were praying for. A young man disappoints you profoundly but an older man warms your heart. Try not to be right with a significant other because this time - and for a change - that one is correct. There will be little time spent in the home especially towards the end of the month. A brief conversation with a spiritual person goes far to clear up confusion.

LIBRA (September 23 - October 22) Libra, you will be spending time off on your own to reflect on your life situation and to formulate future goals. Sticking with your current romantic interest is unfulfilling although they will be of material assistance. Communications come from a distance and you will ponder if it is worth pursuing. Take some time out to stargaze for it will be inspirational. Although problems at home make it difficult to concentrate, in the end you will see the light and come up with answers.

SCORPIO (October 23 - November 21) Scorpio, this psychic hears music all around you. Enjoy that special concert! If one isn't on your agenda, find one. It will energize your spirits for months to come. A left handed person holds the key to a life changing circumstance. Putting others first puts you two steps behind. This month it would be in your own interest to think of yourself. Speaking of thinking, you will be doing a lot and the result will be a major solution or a huge decision. Romantically your head will be in the clouds. This is not a good time to commit.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 - December 21) Sagittarius, it is party time! You will vie with another to be the life of the party. You WILL be noticed and this notice affects you for months to come. A child cries out for help. Give it unconditionally. A song from the past brings back a person from the past. Listen carefully to this sign from Spirit that this person is getting closer by the hour and by the day. Another sign you will notice is seeing the number 11 too often to be coincidental. That number heralds a spiritual change and a karmic tie.

CAPRICORN (Dec 22 - January 19) Capricorn, prepare yourself for all kinds of news. This is news for yourself, news for others you know, and distressing global news. The event might take place from afar but it does have some impact on you. While you are preparing yourself, prepare yourself for extra work. Think about how you want to spend the extra money. Romance is on the gloomy side. This will totally reverse next month. A book catches your eye. Buy it and read it. It will contain a special message for you.

AQUARIUS (January 20 - February 18) Aquarius, you are unusually upbeat this month. This appears to be a result of positive thinking and seeing positive results. A tiny bit of encouragement goes far on the romantic side of life. There is potential for an electrical problem. Beware and be aware. Issues with a vehicle are annoying but not upsetting. Remember that person who is nagging you has your best interests in mind but if you don't feel like putting up with them, don't listen. This psychic also sees a much needed visit to the dentist being put off.

PISCES (February 19 - March 20) Pisces, drama abounds during the month. You will get that much needed peace and quiet towards the middle of the month. Towards the end of the month you will let your hair down and make a fool out of yourself in an amusing way. You will find yourself in a room with an awesome view. The question you really want to be there? There will be some money left over to purchase that trinket you have been craving. Someone very close to you is longing to hear from you. Give them a break and give them a call!