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The Fool


If you pick this card from the deck. I see coming up for you:

During the period that your reading is for, I feel you will be involved or concerned with: Taking it easy or running and hiding from your troubles, laziness, summer days, vacations, wanting to be left alone, freedom to do as you please, making choices work for you.} {You have a deep need to believe in your own style of "belief system" and you feel fate plays a major role in the distribution of occurrences in your life.} {Expect there to be many choices for you up ahead.]


You'll attract an admirer or two, but won't be too receptive to their advances.} {Should you get involved with one of these admirers- you should decide quickly as to whether or not to keep the relationship going. If it pleases you totally, then keep it, if not, let it go.]

Traditionally this card is about:

The Fool is one of the Major Arcana...

Expect an important event to occur having to do with your own personal growth and spirituality, or a quest, or adventure you may find yourself on. An act of faith and your connection to the Universe becomes apparent.

Key #: 0 or 22: (22= 4)- The number Zero is synonymous with God and the # 4 is the base # to the #22. All three of these numbers are indicative of Man's relationship with God and the Universe.

Key Phrase: "The Wanderer", "The Lost One", "The Inner Child" "Journey", "The Quest for Finality and Truth in Love."

Timing: Right Now, or "forever", 22 months, the 4th month.

Astrology\Planet: Uranus: Unexpected change, searching for freedom and the truth. Self Awareness, Independent, Anarchic, Revolutionary.

A thought from Jayson: "Drawing the Fool in any Reading is Tarot telling you to take note of the path you are on- and if you do this you will see that we really do carve out our own destinies...- But did we do this "scripting" before we were born? Or are we re-inventing ourselves like little children each day that passes?" There must be a really crowded playground in Heaven!..."