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The Lovers


If you choose this card from the deck, I feel you will dealing with the following:

I sense there will be an attraction to someone new, a seduction, plans with a potential lover, festive occasions, missing the other person - hearing or feeling "I love you", sex, jealousy and arguments - (this maybe family related).} {There will also be "unplanned for" changes, new experiences or involvements, possible travel and situations revolving around your personal property or living quarters.} {You will have choices to contend with, ones that may cause uneasiness.]

LIVELIHOOD: (YOUR MAIN TOPIC OF CONCERN): Expect an increase in calls for prospective work.} {Although the majority of response may prove disappointing - something good will transpire from a chance meeting.} {I see you having to make a choice in your career soon.]

Traditionally this card is about:

The Lovers is one of the Major Arcana... Expect an important event to occur centered around choices - probably romantic ones.

Key #: 6 - The number Six indicates truth, responsibility, homelife situations, dealing with difficulties and temptations

Key Phrase: "Relationships of intensity, choices abound"

Timing: Months: Six months, the sixth month

Astrology\Planet: Gemini: The risk taker

A thought from Jayson: "You can flirt (innocently) but the risk of "cheating" is too great and if you succumb to it - you will fall!- Whatever you do - choose wisely..."