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If your Spirit Animal is the Bear - by Aurora

The bear is very protective of its charges and the most dangerous animal in the woods is a mother bear protecting her cubs.

Bear teaches us that life's answers are no further than your ownsubconscious. Hibernating during the winter months the bear knows instinctively the times to be quiet and the times to be active.

Bear medicine teaches us introspection that aides in the understanding of life's lessons and in the discovery that we have the answers to all questions within us. Do not be too quick to anger nor too sure of your own power for that may lead to a lack of caution. Understand that you sometimes need to be alone in order to reflect on life's journey.

The Bear's practicality and level-headedness makes him/her an excellent business partner. Usually the voice of reason in most scenarios.

The Bear is also gifted with an enormous heart, and a penchant for generosity.

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