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The Swan

Trust that long-lasting love will be a part of your life, for you are the swan.

Float gracefully through life, knowing that you will always be welcome in the company of others when you breathe in your swan energy.

The swan will also help you maintain long and loyal relationships, for she knows how to stay true to another and attracts the same to herself. Learn to fly with purpose to your destination, neck outstretched and trumpeting your joy. Let her help you bring a certain elegance to the way you dress, the way you live, everything you do. Then learn to float in tranquility on the peaceful lake, a portrait of grace and elegance, wanting nothing more than simply to be who you are, the perfect swan.

Let the swan teach you to live in more than one world, comfortable both on the water and in the sky. Fill yourself with confidence.

Let your beauty shine out in all ways.Let the swan spirit give you confidence that you are fully deserving of love. The epitome of grace and elegance is now a part of your life.

It should come naturally now, for you are the swan.