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Intuition 101

Over the years, many people have asked, "How did you get into your work as a†psychic? Were you born with this ability?"

My reply has always been that developing your skills as an intuitive or psychic is very much like developing your skills in anything new that you learn. Like any ability, some of us have a great deal of natural psychic talent from birth; however, the true scope and breadth most often does not become apparent until regular practice of oneís skills is initiated. If you practice, you get better! You learn through trial and error. You try at first what others before you have tried, and you increase your skill by learning what it feels like inside to be right, to be accurate in your perception, to be correct, to†feel and to get confirmation that your multi-sensory perceptions were right on target. Try to accept and understand the first input that you receive; it is usually the most valid and the most accurate.† Donít ignore your perception because it "doesnít make any sense" at the time you perceive it. Pay attention to things that come to you when you are "spacey" or "day dreaming," during the day. These drowsy or tired times are often when you perceive intuitive information the best. Also, keep in mind that many of us perceive information in our dreams. Any dreams or snatches of dreams you recall, jot them in down in a journal.

Whatever your interest in improving your own psychic skills, you need to first, immediately, begin to keep a journal of your experiences.† I cannot stress enough the importance of this.† Intuitive experiences come to us in fleeting awareness, and often in a dream state or a daydream state. If you donít jot them down immediately, often they are, like your dreams at night, lost in the clutter of everyday life. In this journal, I want you to jot down in down any way you would like, your own past experiences that you consider intuitive, strange, gut instinct, "too coincidental," or out and out there's no other word for it, psychic.

We all have intuition. Most of us use our intuition or ďgutĒ feelings very little or none at all. Iíve learned that logic and intuition work best when they go hand and hand. Some people are more attuned to their intuition than other. But that doesnít mean that everyone canít develop their own intuitive abilities to the greatest extent possible. Even with intuition, practice makes perfect.† The more we use our intuition the better we become. Then, instead of waiting and hoping for a flash to appear we can use it on demand. Sometimes trusting our intuition is the hardest lesson to learn.

Iíll let you in on a little secret: You have been using your intuition for many years.

Love & Light as always,

"Always remember you are an Individual and your quest for spiritual growth won't be the same as everyone else"

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