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Paranormal and the Afterlife


Chelsea Damali

Death is a fact of life, and one that nobody likes to deal with. It has become blatantly obvious over the last couple decades with all the ghost shows out there, that the afterlife does exist. It is still not a mainstream concept that the afterlife is right here among us, but it truly is! There are multiple dimensions all around us. Consciousness cannot die, and there is more proof every day.

As a psychic medium working in the paranormal field for a bit longer than a decade, and a lifetime of metaphysical studies under my belt, the focus of every investigation is residual energy versus intelligent energy. Secondary focus? Earthbound spirits versus spirits that have crossed over completely. The shows out there, and especially the movies, show us a side of this that is completely terrifying, although it is really not. And the two concepts of earthbound versus crossed over, and imprints on our dimensional time line need to be addressed in your every day mediumship reading as well.

In investigations, for years it has been known that there are echos of the past imprinted all over the place in any location. A good structure reader can pick these up as well. Gunshots and sounds like that are residual, although I don't feel that's a wonderful title for a dimensional imprint, as it is not residue on time, it is literally a dent made, in a time loop that plays over and over again, much like a slow skipping vinyl record. Traumatic events and highly energized conversations and events can also imprint. What you WILL NOT get is an intelligent response if you ask a question. If you played a CD in your car, and asked it a question, it would not answer you. Same concept.

Intelligent conversations that can be heard through spirit boxes and even regular EVPs (electronic voice phenomenon, that can be heard on digital recordings, and even your voicemail and sometimes Skype and voip conversations) are between the living and the deceased. These are the significant scientific proof that paranormal investigators look for, but also a very direct example of the frequencies that psychic mediums tap into for your readings.

If you've ever wondered why a mediumship reading can be so symbolic and it seems in depth descriptions and conversations don't come through, this is why. An earthbound spirit (one that has not crossed over to the other side), is very clear coming through, and sometimes even loud. They do have a learning curve as to communication with the living, and often it is difficult to keep them focused. To them, our world seems garbled. They are aware of bits and pieces, and often are consumed with unfinished business or even not realizing they are passed on. Spirits that are crossed over are much more focused and are not confused. They are clear headed, but to us, it sounds like they are yelling on a windy beach from a hundred yards away, with the waves adding to the noise. It is difficult to pick up, and the energy it takes for them to come through is incredible. They do not usually stay long.

Shedding light on mediums in the paranormal is a huge focus to me. There are so many ties to mediumship readings done as professionals. It is a useful gift with many facets.

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