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What is astral projection? It is having the ability to be out of your body while being fully conscious of what is going on around you. I personally have been able to experience this, and it is by far one of the most amazing experiences I have ever felt in my life! How do you do it? Well, it is different for everyone, and each experience can vary from one person to another. I personally just go to bed, either on my side or on my back, and sometimes I am able to reach that astral projection state. Whenever you reach a point where you feel like you cannot move your body and you feel paralyzed; this is the best way to experience having an OBE ore out of body experience. This is known as sleeping paralysis, but what most people don't know is that this is the best state of mind to be in, in order to be able to leave your physical body.

Most people are afraid and think they will die if they leave their body. There is really nothing to fear but fear itself! Fear is an illusion and people that feel fear are going to block out these experiences. It is natural for us to leave our bodies every night when we sleep. Some of us dream, and when we do, we're actually leaving our bodies and being held up by what is called a silver cord, which is the astral cord connecting to the physical body. We are souls and it is natural for our spirit to leave our body. Just like our bodies need to recharge, so do our energies. It is actually one in the same.

Another tip is, always have an open mind and believe in yourself! It does take practice to pull it off, although for some it comes more naturally. If you've ever had a lucid dream, it is similar to that, although I do have to say it doesn't feel quite the same way. It is different. You could also just try meditating and visualizing yourself grabbing a rope above you as you lay on your back, pulling yourself out towards the ceiling. This is a common method that helps for beginners. You could also tell yourself before going to sleep that you want to experience being out of your body. When you say something you want to see or do in your head, or even out loud, this can increase your chances to opening up more to perform astral projection.

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