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When you click the Submit button to contact a psychic by chat, you are coming to the reading with your energy, your questions, and your concerns. Ideally, you want clear-cut, clean answers. But sometimes, you leave the reading with even more questions! The psychic will usually not be surprised by this. For when we delve into hidden feelings, situations, or issues, those questions, and the answers to those questions, often string together a bigger story, or a life-path message. There's always a larger message than the answers to your questions. Sometimes the answers contain layers of information, the proverbial peeling of an onion, which just happens to be you and your life.

So what can you do ahead of time, before you click Submit, to get the most for your time, effort, and money? Almost every fellow psychic I know will say that you need to come to your reading with very clear, honest, concise questions and a very clean energetic intention. It helps to know exactly what you want, and if you're not sure, just say so. For example, she knows that she loves him. This is not infatuation; it's real and she is certain. But she hasn't seen him physically in two years. No contact whatsoever. She says she wants to ask if he still thinks about her, but the question that comes up immediately for me is:

Why no contact?

Why is her love so intense after two years with no contact?

So if I back into the situation a little more, I find out they're married, he left for tour of duty two years ago on a sour note, he's now MIA, and what she really wants to know is if he's still alive. But she's scared to ask that particular question because she's terrified the answer will be no. From a psychic's standpoint, we are often working backward into the situation. When you read the very first question in this example, did you have any idea about the ultimate nature of the question?

Each psychic who reads you will approach you uniquely. Some psychics want little or no information. Others use names, dates of birth, or photos. Others may ask benchmark questions in order to better connect with you. All these approaches work. However, you may at times get conflicting answers from different psychics if your situation is a volatile one involving several outside forces. But if you and the psychics keep asking clearer questions about your questions, you will start noticing a theme, a story stringing along. And that theme is usually similar from psychic to psychic. It's a message about your life energy and what you bring to the table in this situation, the one your question's about. A fellow psychic of mine spends a large part of her readings helping her clients decide what their real questions really are, and how to word them. She says the hardest part for her clients is letting go of what they think are the issues, or the questions, and looking at the real issues.

Every psychic has his or her unique approach that is developed over time and many readings. When I first started giving readings, I used the mantra:

Please help them get what they need to get the way they need to get it.

I knew that I was bound by karmic law to tell each client what I heard, saw, or felt in the reading, no holds barred. I knew that sometimes I wouldn't be voted most popular, particularly if I delivered an answer that the client didn't feel was accurate, or an answer the way they wanted to hear it. My major objective is always getting down to the brass tacks of delivering the real message the way it needs to be said to the client.

The approach I developed later, which I now use, is:

Position, Phase, and Love.

With the client's initial question I seek to know more about the position they're coming from. How are they seeing the situation? What are their wants and desires? Strengths, weaknesses, hangups, blocks? And as in reversed tarot cards, I look to see whether the client's energetic phase or pattern in the situation is absent, early, late, or repeating. Last but not least, I fully intend to give each client throughout the reading, to the best of my ability, truthful, love-based, and not fear-based, answers.

Of course, it's always to your advantage to ask each psychic you work with how they best connect to you. Read their profiles and be aware of their areas of specialty. And take some time before your reading to jot down your questions. Think about the intentions you bring to your life situations and to the reading, and reword all your questions at least once. I'm willing to bet if you do this, you'll cover more ground in your next chat, and you'll feel more satisfied with the answers you receive.

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