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Many people I have read say another psychic told me the same thing, and it hasn't come true. Some of my clients tell me nothing has happened about situations or concerns that came up in their previous readings.

Predicting times and dates in psychic readings is usually accurate, but can be fallible, just like a clock that stops, reading the incorrect time. A clock stopping is not a normal occurrence, and neither are the circumstances surrounding changes in the timetable predicts in a reading.

Psychic readings are not inaccurate or wrong just because things do not happen immediately after a reading. A situation can be in a holding pattern. What does this mean? The person or situation is waiting to take off, much like a plane sits on the runway waiting for clearance to fly. So does life. Your flight is scheduled to take off at 5 p.m. and you sit on the plane on the runway until 7 p.m. This is life. Then, when life does take flight, much, if not all that was predicted starts happening.

Sometimes things change or are delayed because other gifts or surprises come your way. They prove to be valuable learning experiences and effects of personal choices. Think of it like a road trip. You put your destination in MapQuest and start out on your journey. But along the route you have taken, there is a detour that takes you two hours in a different direction, which totally changes your timetable. Even still you take the detour and find a town with sights that really draw you, and decide to stopover there a day or two. Free will steps in, the timetable changes again, and sometimes even the outcome.

A lot of these serendipitous events are not predictable, because the energy changes in your path that was not present during your reading. That is Fate or Destiny intervening. Often though, readings can show detours, stops, delays, and surprises that may interfere with your plans. Just remember these can be pleasant surprises and gifts that you never expected but when it is said and done you are happy you received.

In conclusion, readings are often spot on and so accurate it is uncanny. But just because it appears that predictions from a reading have not come to fruition does not mean they are not right. The outcome just means there may be more to those predictions than initially anticipated, as well as even a few pleasant surprises connected to those delays.

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