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My Baby Wants A Baby
By: Haven

Itís discouraging to watch television talk shows now days. We see so many young girls wanting to get pregnant and having babies when they are still just babies themselves. They donít understand the responsibility financially, physically or emotionally of taking care of a child. Yet there they are, having babies they canít care for; looking for the biological father because peer pressure along with other factors has these young girls participating in sex way to young. They are having sex at what age now days? They want to grow up too fast. How can we as parents teach them to enjoy their youth when all their friends are having sex and babies?

There are boot camps for girls now to show them first hand that this is responsibility they are not read for. However there arenít enough boot camps operating to handle the volume of girls that need it. This program should be a non elective course in schools. But at what age and grade do we as parents and teachers decide that it is necessary. What can we as parents say to them to change their minds on this subject? Well, I for one canít answer that. However I can share a story with you. I will try to be brief.

My daughter was among these girls that wanted a baby at the age of twelve. She informed me that she had already had sex with a boy she wanted to be the father of her baby and that she was trying to get pregnant. I was devastated. I had no idea where to start. The shock and trauma had overwhelmed me. Once I pulled myself together I tried to explain the facts to her. The responsibility, the 24/7 care it would take as well as the financial responsibilities. She wasnít having any of that. She explained to me that as her mother it was my responsibility to help her take care of her baby and support it. I again attempted to help her understand that this is her choice and her responsibility alone as well as the father of her baby. Although she never listened to me; or at least I thought she wasnít listening, I kept on talking and I never stopped talking. I talked so much about this subject to her I felt like I was going to implode and that I was never going to get through to her.

You know I was so busy talking that time slipped away and not only did she not get pregnant but she turned into a young woman and was engaged to be married at the age of 20 married at the age of 22 and still barren. THANK YOU. She had her first child at the age of 23 and is now having her second one at the age of 27.

I guess I talked so much that I didnít notice she had listened. By the time I was done talking she was all grown up and responsible young woman ready to be a mother herself.

My point? Keep talking, never stop no matter how hard the fight is and how much they defy you, just keep talking. Moms/Dads, they really are listening if you take the time to keep talking. Use the resources that are available as well. When she was growing up we didnít have boot camps. They are an essential part of help when our children are out of control. Second point; never ever give up on your child. I canít tell you how many times I beat the streets at night and during snow storm and blizzards searching for my children when they run off or away or just didnít come home and I did this as a single working mother. Sacrificed some jobs because of it but in the long run it was all worth it.

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