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Healers Using Energy
By Indigo

I see energy like a chant, a mantra, an explosion of self. There are words so powerful they etch themselves into the deep mind making reality; creating a world.

There are many amazing ways of healing and each is known to you through your ancestral memories. Using energy to heal is something that is so ancient I would not doubt that each lifetime we have adds to our ability to heal. Using Reiki to heal is particularly effective as Reiki can reach across countries and miles and only requires the permission of the person being healed and a healer who has an understanding of how this energy works. Hado is also a way of healing that reaches into that pool of silent white light and travels into the being of others.

Sound is powerful. It is believed that sound was used to create our surrounding universe. Using sound allows you to reach without using hands or arms, it sets you back, and you are captured and changed by the vibration. All sound requires is a presence. Different sounds create different effects. We are seriously blessed by sound. Check this one out for yourself put on a heavy metal album. Let it resonate, perhaps dance a little, and of a sudden the energy level in the core of your body rises. Put on a beautiful sound like Jonathon Goldman�s Peaceful Journey or Anatam Kaur and feel the change in your body. Sound can heal. The rattles of the shaman carry us distances from where we are and place us in a new world, one that has been cleared from negatives.

Using smoke to heal is one of my favourite prescriptions. Smoking mullein can stop an asthmatic attack. Incense purifies an atmosphere. Sage and sweet grass, cedar and rosehips, essences and scents heal in a dimensional way. There is more to healing than the physical. Healing on all levels is necessary for health.

I once sat at the bedside of my dearest friend who was passing away. I had arrived by bus, too late to talk to her and her body was no longer strong enough to preserve her essence. We, her family, knew that we had to let her go and as we sat and prayed she left us. In her room was a �shaker� what you would term a medicine man and when they declared her death, we left the room crying. The shaker stayed. Drawn to him later we spoke and he said , �It takes a while for the spirit to pass, I stayed until hers did.� There are things that can be measured and there are things that can only be measured by faith.

When we dance the energy of the wind is with us, the sacred smoke blows through our essence and enters our bodies� core. When we move our hands to the beat of the music we shake the metaphorical rattles of the soul. Inside this energy is the vision of the healer stepping through time and outside of it and ready to journey forward.

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