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A Walk in the Woods

Answer each question with the first image that comes into your mind. Be descriptive but not overly so. For instance, the material an object is made from, color, new or old, etc. This is a fun thing so no really serious effort! Remember to keep your answers simple. We are not writing a novel, just playing a fun little enlightenment game.

You are going for a walk. Pretty soon you see some woods, leading into the woods is a path. What type of path is it? Wide, narrow, dirt, paved?

As you continue down the path you come across a tree in the middle of the pathway. What type of tree is it? Big, little, old, broken? Species?

You go on around the tree and continue your walk down the path. Pretty soon you happen across a body of water. Describe the water and if it is pond, stream, river?

Moving on in your walk through the woods you come across a cup. What type of cup is it? What do you do with it? Do you take it, leave it?

You continue walking down the path and you come to a wall that crosses the path. What type of wall is it?

Looking over the wall, you see the path continues. Is it the same as the path you are on or has it changed? Is it more difficult or easy? Is it made differently?

What do you do? Do you climb over the wall and continue? Or do you go back or take another route?

Come to my chat and we will discuss your answers. We can take a minute or so or we can really explore your answers in depth and use them as a basis for dealing with some life problems.

Either way, it is great fun and very revealing!!!


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