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Children and the Paranormal

Has your child ever told a "tall tale" about some creature or being that no one else can see or hear?

Has your child developed irrational fears or begun talking about things he/she shouldn't know about?

Perhaps your child is wise beyond their years.

When a soul is born into our physical realm, they are very close to spirit. No one has yet told them that physical is all that is generally accepted in this life. No one has told them that they don't see beings or creatures that others can't see. No one has yet told them that they can't "know" things that aren't evidenced by their five senses.

The old saying that "children are closer to God" is very true. They have recently came from spirit and are as yet unaware that they have come into an incarnation where only a minority of people will accept the use of their sixth sense.

In my home as a child, it was okay to perceive things that weren't there. It was also okay to know things without actually having facts. When children are allowed to be who they are without any pressure to conform to only "left brained" or reality based thinking, they seem to show much more creativity and ability to think independently. When children are allowed their ability to think intuitively, they are generally more capable of compassion and empathy. Children need a healthy balance of what is expected in the "real" world and what is their very own interpretation of the world. This gives them more of a sense of belonging to the universe. It also gives them more ability to navigate between the logical thinking of business and the emotional understanding needed for healthy relationships.

Children are, for the most part, very reasonable and resilient creatures. They have the chameleon-like ability to change their way of thinking when a loving adult will take the time to discuss their dreams, their fears or their imaginary playmates with them. Parents should talk with children when matters of the unseen or the unknown arise. Just as we give them the necessities of life, we must also give them the ability to understand and accept any exceptional abilities they may have. And just as we don't give them a full meal when they are not hungry, likewise we cannot give them information until or unless it is requested or needed. A healthy balance in all things. Love above all else. Nurturing must always be holistic. By remembering these things and allowing our children to have their own perceptions of the world we can give them all the tools they need to live happy, healthy lives.


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