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Real Magic ~ A Matter of the Mind

Magic is a matter of focusing your desire and your energies into obtaining that which is right and needed in your life. We all wish for things and we all desire things. When we truly desire something, we will generally go through a lot to gain the things that we feel we need and deserve. When we call upon the forces of the universe to bring us that which we desire, we call it magic or spell casting.

For those who have never studied or attempted to do magic here are a few simple points to know and remember.

First of all, magic is simply focusing your energy into attracting that which you desire. It is, in essence, becoming a magnet to draw to yourself all the good and wonderful things that the universe has already provided. All you have to do is to focus and accept the good things in life when they are presented to you.

Second, we have to understand that there are no objects that have the power to grant or deny our desires. We have the power to create or to deny all the goodness in the universe. When we accept that we are truly worthy of that which we desire, it is an easy matter to create ones own magnetizing spell and draw the things we want in our lives.

Third, we can never attempt to manifest any negative or evil acts, energies or fates upon others. If we are to attempt to do this, we are allowing our own negative thoughts to be in control. This always creates a negative or bad effect upon our own spirit. And generally leaves a bad taste in your mouth.

Fourth, magic is our own interpretation of the universe and the energies contained in it. Others can give us direction for creating spells to attract or repel but no one can interpret the energies or focus them for you. Your spells are as personal as your own fingerprints. You are a unique and perfect individual. Let your focus on those things you desire be just as unique and perfect as you are.

For further reading: Real Magick by P.E.I. Bonewits


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