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Please take a few moments before you pop into my chat room to meditate on your situation and questions, and to calm down if you are upset.

Getting a reading while you are in a positive mood helps. If you are really upset, the cards will pick up on that and it will have an impact on the reading results.

My tarot cards will answer relationship questions, yes and no questions, and timing questions.

I also can pull one card to answer questions about a person who is peripheral to the situation.

My Celtic Cross readings generally take 10-15 minutes. The yes or no questions and timing take about 10 minutes.

Clairvoyant past life readings take 20-30 minutes, but are well worth the time spent. I use my clairvoyant gifts to travel down your past life to see which one impacts the current situation.

I offer a past life karmic email reading, which can be quite pertinent to your current situation. You may want to try getting a past life e-reading, then chatting about it to get further clarification.

Above all, please do NOT update me before the reading. You can do so afterward in a message.

My chats are always positive, bubbly, and fun.

Please have some chocolate (or your favorite snacks) on hand to enhance the experience.

Before the adventure takes off, I'll ask you to please fasten your seat belt and get ready for the ride of your life.

I want only the best for every client, happiness and prosperity for all.


Kismet aka Krazy Kizzie

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