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Trusting your God Given
by Lovalble

Most of our life we struggle with trusting the intuition that God has blessed us with. That first thought that comes in to our mind and sticking to it with no reserves. I find that when we tend to stray from that, we get answers in our lives we do not want or perceive to happen. Following your instincts or intuition is about following what is in your heart. It is a way for us to truly grasp what God has planned for us and to realize that we have predestined notions that only make us better and stronger people.

Have you ever noticed when you do not follow this feeling of knowing that you end up second guessing everything and everyone around you? This really does nothing for making us feel confident in ourselves. Plus it can later change the course of our life for the negative.

I strongly believe in the power of prayer and seeking God's will, and so when I feel something is wrong or right I pray about it. I feel that God gives answers that are clear and precise at times through this intuition. This is a gifting, and some may have much stronger than others. But becoming aware of this natural born gift will help overcome so many obstacles in life and can help us better understand where are life is headed and what to do with the crossroads that come along.

I feel by using and understanding this awesome gift we can better our decisions with a positive attitude and be able to help ourselves and those around us in our pursuit of happiness.

So next time you are thinking about "what should I do?" or "Is this for me?" Go with the inner voice that God has blessed you with and do not waiver from the answer.

I find listening to yourself and the insight God has given you and following your heart is the best antidote!

Hugs & Kisses,

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