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Soul mates and Twin Flames are very different beings. Many people think that we are only seeking our soul mates in this lifetime. This is not necessarily true as a soul mate is not the other half of us. We have up to eleven soul mates across all time and space. These eleven parts plus your own soul constitutes a being known as a twin flame. The twin flame is what we are all seeking to fulfill that missing half of us. It is this connection that we all seek ultimately.

A soul mate is someone who is or was part of you. They can be someone such as a brother or a sister or a lover. But the relationship does not have to be physical. You can encounter many soul mates. You will feel drawn to each other. You can probably finish thoughts and sentences you sense from each other as well. Soul mates are here to help us become whole and learn lessons we need. They are here to prepare us for our twin flame.

The twin flame is much more powerful a feeling. It is also usually a very difficult relationship. There are struggles and issues usually causing one to run but eventually return. There is only one twin flame for each of us. This is where we experience the sense of completion of finding our other half literally. The sense of openness and resonating with this other being will be unlike anything else you have ever experienced.

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