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Nine is a very spiritual number; people who were born on the 9th of the month or 18th or 27th own a special mind, the ability to know the future ahead of others, the gift of teaching and at times the skill of singing. However, when comes to practicality or earthly desire often they will not know how to deal with these aspects in their lives, and as children they grow up in places where there is often complete lack of love, possibly a religious environment, or with those who support intellect over emotion. Nines tend to have issues expressing or receiving love or being needy of love all their lives.

Nine is the number of hermits, a bit isolated from the rest of society, fulfilling their numerology mission. They tend to shed light over others, to teach others new things that they are not able to grasp, and to float somewhere few inches above reality, being the most idealistic digit of them all.

If you were born a nine, you might want to seek practical boundaries to the ground yourself, like friends who help you manifest your amazing ideas, and more than that, getting compensated for your endeavors properly, as nines often have big ideas but hardly a leg to connect them to reality.

As a nine you would enjoy hooking up with people who are born on the 6th or 8th of the month for an ideal life and fertility, or with people who were born on the 1st or 3rd of the month for generating power.

Happy 9th of the month to all!

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