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I am sure that you all have heard the word Karma and you might even think you understand it. However, Karma is both more complicated than most people realize and easier to manage than most people think.

Right now I am going to discuss the Karma that has accumulated in this life we are all living now. There is also past life Karma but that is the more complicated stuff. Current life Karma consists of all the things that you do, both good and not so good. It is like a credit card account. If you have been paying regularly and keeping up a good balance, you have good Karma but if you have not been paying back favors or you have been doing mean, petty and nasty things to others, you are going to owe a whole bunch of Karmic points in a very short time.

Here is an example of good Karma. Your time at work is being wasted by someone who is totally annoying. You can handle the situation by telling this person that you understand him or her but that you are busy. You can ignore the person entirely, or you can tell him or her to shut up or some other insulting statement.

In the first case, you build up some positive Karma because you are being understanding and kind, and you give a legitimate explanation why you cannot sit around and listen to this tale of woe. In the second example, you ignore the person so he or she goes to annoy someone else with all the whimpering and whining. You do not get or lose any points. Your Karma remains the same. In the third instant, you insult the person and do not display any compassion. Now you have some negative Karma built up.

Most of us build up a small mountain of negative Karma as we go through our lives. Maybe you cannot stand your parents or you have a big fight with your brother or sister and stop talking to them. Maybe you refuse to forgive your kids for disobeying you and punish them for every little thing you perceive as their crime against you and your rules. Perhaps you had a bad marriage and you keep talking against your spouse even years after the divorce. This is all shoveling more negative Karma on top of the negative energy you had because of the original situation. So, what to do?

First, take inventory of all the negative situations in which you have been involved and your reactions to them. Major situations that led to family feuds, divorce, and estrangement from relatives or children are the worst Karma killers. You are going to owe a whole bunch of Karma credits to the Universe for those. You need to pay off those particular bills by undoing the bad feelings, the hate and the years of silence. You can do it instantly by phoning the other person or persons involved and just saying that you forgive them unconditionally. This works very well with situations that caused you no physical harm and very little psychological harm.

Yes, some of the things people do to each other can hardly be forgiven. Physical and psychological abuses are terrible. Sexual abuse is worse. Anything illegal like stealing or cheating someone out of valuables is right up there in the things to never do category. However, they have been done. The anger hangs in the air for years; the pain and suffering of both the victim and perpetrator are eventually going to have to be dealt with. You do not have to forgive a sexual predator or someone who was cruel to you throughout your childhood. You can simply delete all the bad thoughts you have about the person and not drag them around for the rest of your life like a bag of rotting garbage.

If you have hurt someone and feel, now that you are older and wiser, that it was a terrible thing to do no matter what the instigation, call and apologize before it is too late. You do not want to be trapped in the type of situation that leaves you feeling sad and guilty if the person passes on before you have a chance to say you are sorry. Doing this is for your own peace of mind and settling your own Karmic debts. Accepting an apology, realizing that the person who hurt you possibly cannot be repaired but can be forgiven will help clear your life of negative energy and bad Karma even if the person is hopelessly morally defective. Forgiving is a good thing, but dealing with someone who may be dangerous is not necessary. You do not have to continue to deal with someone like that once you forgive him or her. You also do not have to be anywhere near the person to forgive him or her.

One of the main reasons for repairing Karma in this life is so that you will not be dragging it all along with you to another lifetime or to wherever we land when we pass from here. Imagine having your nasty stepfather following you through several lifetimes, hoping for forgiveness but never knowing how to get it. Then suddenly you stop the clock, forgive him and leave his vicinity but not with anger. He no longer has to follow you down the eternal highway. It changes his Karma and it increases your own. You are rid of him and he is able to heal himself so he will not be the same jerk he is now into his next incarnation.

As quickly as possible, clear your Karma. Apologize, forgive, admit to the lie, tell the truth, avoid anger, and try to like or at least to find some good in the person you feel you hate and understand that no one is perfect. Some people are horrid but it is not worth spending an entire lifetime agonizing over things that went wrong and people that did wrong. Pay off your Karma points to those you owe and collect your points from those who owe you. Then your energy will turn positive, your life will become a little easier, and you will lighten the burden of bad Karma that can make your mind heavy.

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