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Dream interpretation is an incredible tool for everyone in everyday life. It is a gift from our subconscious, there to help guide us through choices, as well as twists and turns in life. Dreams help us find our way.

Effective dream interpretation consists of the following elements:

1. Psychology: symbols that are given to us through messages in our upbringing, for instance. A spider in a dream is likely to mean a tangled web we weave when we practice to deceive. It is a web of lies, either by you or another.

2. Signs and Omens: alternatively a spider can be a sign of good luck. To decide which it is, psychology or omen, would depend on the rest of the details in the dream.

3. Emotions: How does each facet of the dream make you feel? Is there someone in your dream that you have not seen in many years? Likely it is not really about them, but about the emotion that person inspires in you.

4. Messages: numbers, letters, or words written in a dream warrant special attention. They are messages either from our guides, or loved ones who have passed. They are very direct. It is almost impossible to read and decipher letters and numbers while dreaming; this is a psychological fact. But if you can read them, you better pay attention!

5. Deceased Loved Ones: more often than not, this is their easiest way to communicate with you. Pay attention to what they say; they are there to talk to you!

6. Precognitive Dreams: many of us have dreams that later come true. They are dreams that are very real, and not super cryptic. They will likely be as you are going to sleep or as you are awakening, while you are in your alpha state. REM (rapid eye movement) is usually when dreaming occurs. Precognitive dreams will happen at a different stage than regular dreaming. Likely you will feel startled awake by these types of dreams. Colors will be vivid, and that is how you will know.

7. Above ALL, remember this: A dream is an incredibly cryptic tool that your subconscious uses. It is not usually ever about what is actually in the dream. It is meant as a message to guide you through a certain situation. For instance, you are going through a divorce and do not know if you should fight for the house. You dream of a different house, one that's dirty inside and dark, or on a rainy day, near water, and you get lost in the house, and then an old friend from childhood shows up holding a cat. I know. Strange dream. But here we go: the rain represents the battle or court fight. The house represents how you feel about your life, or how you feel about this situation in your life. It has unknowns, and it is presumed to be a dirty battle. You don't really want to be there. Your old friend represents comfort, and the cat has nine lives and always lands on its feet. The cat tells you that it is a battle that you do not want, but you will survive. It is a good dream to have, but of course you do not feel like it at the time.

Everyone should keep a dream journal by their bed and write down as many details as they can remember when they awaken. Those details will fade as you awaken, because our brain releases chemicals, usually triggered by light, as we wake up, designed to erase those details quickly! We do not remember ninety percent of our dreams, but even if we can catch a small percentage of them and document them, we can help ourselves with life challenges. Happy dreaming! Sleep well.

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