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Manifesting what you want

Manifestation is asking, believing and receiving. ( cited Law of Attraction) Is there a short term goal or long term goal you want to accomplish? I suggest starting with a short term goal, (i.e completing that degree you started ) so that you can land that dream job, or bringing that desired relationship that you long for, by actively joining social networks, socializing more, or simply taking steps to deepening your connection with someone you may already be connected to.Now realistically if something is not meant to be it simply won't happen, so if you find yourself in a dead end relationship or career that has been staginated or unfulfilling for sometime, its time to actively manifest what you truly desire.

This doesn't mean going for what can be unhealthy for us, such as a relationship that involves a triangle, abusive relationship, unfulfilling, lack of progress ( could be career or relationship) Its simply things that we think we " need" and we want to manifest it, but its really not what we need its what we want. Its ok to want, for example a baby, husband, new car, more financial stability or new pair of shoes. But some wants can be simply unrealistic and damaging to one's emotional and mental state.

Overall, if you want something you can certainly acquire it. Keep in mind needs and wants are different. Your needs will be met! But if there is something you want to pull in your life for happiness, you must actively start the process and believe that its coming to you!

This was just a tester to see if this is what you guys were looking for, let me know if I need to edit, adding or fix anything.


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