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How To Achieve Peace of Mind

Have you ever wondered why exactly you are happy sometimes and not at others? Would you like to be happy more often? What do you think causes you to be unhappy? If you are like most of us you are a person who goes from happy to unhappy depending on what is going on around you. It is almost as if you are beset by a constant barrage of events and circumstances that are constantly moving your mood from one of happiness to sadness or even depression. Most of us have come to believe in a fable that tells us that emotions come from what happens outside of ourselves. This of course is reinforced by our everyday experiences, which seem to support the idea that outside events cause us to feel the emotions we do. The truth is that it is not the outside events but rather what we do with those outside events in our minds that cause us to be happy or unhappy.

We have all known people who experience something we think is terrible and they seem to handle it as if it were nothing. Or the opposite, something happens and some people think it is nothing while someone else thinks it is the end of the world. Obviously, if it was only the event that was creating our emotions we all would have the same reaction to any event or circumstance that happens. This of course is not the case, so a valid question might be what really is causing us to be happy or sad if it is not what is happening around us? The answer to that is very simple and yet very complicated.

It is the way we perceive it, or more correctly put, the way we judge the event. When we judge an event as being of use or positive to us we have a positive emotion generated because of it. If we judge the even to be something that is negative to us, the emotion we generate is negative. Now it is important to notice that I said that if we judge it as negative, we feel negative and if we judge it as positive, we feel happy or good about it. The operative word is judge. Our ability as human beings to judge correctly how events will eventually work out has been proven scientifically to be in most cases less than thirty percent. That means for the average person they have only about a thirty percent chance of being right in how they judge if something is good or not.

Yes, some things are easy to judge. If your house burns down that probably is bad, but there have been people who have met future spouses because of a fire. Or people who have been forced to move to another location because of a disaster, and it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened for them. The truth of the matter is that we as human beings are very poorly equipped to judge the consequences of events accurately. If you doubt this, take a few moments a look back over your own past.

I am sure that there have been many things you have done that have turned out great, but I am also sure that some of the best and most growth-producing events in your life were events you considered negative at the time they happened. Every day we read of people who tell us that unfortunate events, disease, or any number of negative experiences were the best things that could have happened to them.

If judging things is what causes us to label them good or bad, positive or negative, and this in turn makes us happy or unhappy, then refusing to judge things as bad makes a great deal of sense. Especially when we consider that most of what we expect to happen that is negative never does. Peace of mind and happiness is not achieved by doing something. It is achieved by not doing something. It is achieved by simply accepting what is totally true.

That we cannot judge in the moment if something is going to be good or bad into the future. If we are to be happy most of the time we need to stop judging moment to moment. Once we learn this simple skill our happiness will skyrocket. So how do we refrain from judging? We do it by simply getting into the habit of stopping ourselves from making judgments. When we hear that little judge in our minds start to tell us how we have messed up or how terrible a situation is, we simply tell it that it does not know. We remind it that what it is saying may be a lie, and that we are not going to believe it.

My many years working as a psychic have taught me that. Many times people come to me and have been sure something bad has been happening in their lives, and much to their surprise, I have been able to show them that they are wrong. That what has happened is not really bad at all; it is the judgment they have placed on it that is in error. By simply refusing to judge so often we will begin to increase our happiness quotient by many times and find ourselves being happy almost all the time.

And the best part is that we are actually telling ourselves the truth by doing this. We are no longer fooling ourselves into feeling bad most of the time, but instead allow our natural state, which is happiness and peace of mind, to come to the foreground of our lives.

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