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Psychic Abilities

Many of the questions that our psychics receive over the years are about psychic abilities in general. Specifically do we all possess them?  

This of course is a subject that we love to talk about because it is both the understanding and  experience that every person on the planet has a great deal of psychic ability. 

For many of us though it seems our biggest challenge in life is accepting that idea.  Almost everyone has experienced some sort of psychic phenonenon or extrasensory happening in his or her life.  

Most of us have had the experience of walking into a room where people are having a disagreement and noticing the negative energy or being aware that someone was going to phone moments before the phone rings.   We all have experienced intuition in regards to someone or something. The truth is that all of us experience psychic events. The difficulty seems to be in our ability to actually believe them when they happen to us.  

Many times people have said that there intuition informed them that they should take a specific course of action. And then later, nine times out of ten their intuition was proved right.  

So why is it that we doubt ourselves so often? What is it about our believing our own psychic abilities that is difficult for so many of us? The answer to that may be found in a very unpsychic place, in our egos. Our egos want to always be in control. If we are getting information from some source that our ego cannot easily control or identify then the ego will often do it is very best to prove to us the information is false or misleading.

All of our Psychic readers would be happy to talk to you about tapping into your own psychic abilities. 

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