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Psychic Lingo

Have you ever wanted to get a psychic reading but had no idea what it meant when a psychic said they are clairvoyant? In simple terms I will try to explain what these terms mean so that you can seek out a psychic that is best for you.

For example: You wouldn't go to a Tarot Reader if you wanted to find out who your Spirit Guide is! It is difficult to understand some of what is talked about when people are unaware of what is actually meant. Sometimes people do not like to ask what is meant by a term for fear of appearing stupid or unknowledgeable. You are neither when you ask - there is no such thing as a stupid question, any question is a way of growth and understanding.

Here then are a few definitions for those who either don't know, have an idea but would like a clearer understanding of the subjects, or just never asked. I have written my psychic lingo that I feel is the most common terms in the "psychic realm". This list could actually go on longer and could go into quite lengthy detail. These terms are as I understand them and as explained to me through Spiritualism and other teachings.

Aura - An emanation of energy, given out by and forming a force field surrounding a living energy. Shown in a particular color.

Chakras - Seven major energy vortexes found in the human body. Each is usually associated with a color. These vortexes are: crown - white; forehead (third eye position) - purple; throat - blue; chest - pink or green; navel - yellow; abdomen - orange; groin - red. Smaller vortexes are located in the hands and feet, as well.

Channeling - represents simply a channel of energy. Can be "felt" through all senses. It can de described as a route through which communication from the spirit world is obtained.

Clairaudience - psychic perception that involves the receiving of sounds. Perception of messages in thought forms from an entity that exists in another realm. You 'hear' what they are saying in the form of messages.

Clairsentience - clear sensing/feeling: psychic perception, which involves the receiving of emotion or feeling.

Clairvoyance - Clairvoyance is often called the 'sixth sense'. A form of psychic perception, which involves the receiving of visual mental images.

Empathic - The ability to feel another's emotions [feelings] though you have no reason to. To become one with the other so as to know no individuality, you are them.

Inner Voice, Intuition, Knowing or Realization - Perception, insight. Receiving guidance and assistance from outside of you. To get information without knowing where it came from and being unable to explain how you got it. Intuition is often called Momentary Genius and is a moment of crystal clarity often referred to as a Knowing or Realization [e.g. like a light bulb suddenly going on].

Karma - The belief that one's thoughts and deeds can be either counted against them or added to their spiritual path during several life times. Follow the law of cause and effect.

Medium/Mediumship - connecting to spirits or loved ones that have crossed over. A medium is a person who communicates with beings from the afterlife. Psychometry - is the ability to pick up information about another person or place by holding an object associated with that individual or place.

Scrying - the psychic sees symbolic images in everyday things - such as the leaves in the bottom of a teacup - which s/he interprets in a way that offers insight into the client's life situations.

Spirit Guides - are entities -- physical and non-physical -- who have chosen to aid others on the path to spiritual enlightenment.



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