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Empath, Past Life Regression, Numerology, Oracle, Tarot, Tea Leaf Cards, Reiki, Angelic Healing. Astrology, Spiritual Coach, Guided Meditation

Welcome! I am all about hard work and I have an affinity for all things traditional. I am a very ambitious determined servant of truth.

I am always a good listener. My skills include being a holistic therapist: Reiki Master, Advanced Angelic Healing Practitioner, Dragons Wings Reiki Practitioner and Teacher. I love to write & give guided meditations. I pride myself on being a: sensitive, honest, down to earth & always non judgemental intuitive Reader. I will look to connect with your unique energy + your emotional state through an open and informative communication. I am a good old fashioned communicator and I will walk you through a mutually satisfying journey of energy and conversation. I am also an Empath, which enables me to connect with your emotional state so that I can feel your unique energetic vibration. I have been given this gift to help people achieve their potential as the spirits/cards advise. At the end of the reading , you will have more insight and clarity, so you can make a decision as to which direction to take in life. Spiritual connection and coaching is a source of inspiration for me, it has taught me to have trust in my senses without any shadow of a doubt. It helps me to help others find the way when the path is unclear.
I am here to answer your questions, be they big or small, & you will always get an honest answer from me. I can confirm specifics with my pendulum. Remember that nothing is cast in stone. I will answer your questions about: Love/relationship/romance Work/ career Finances Family/ friends General readings when life past is lost.
Please dont ask me about: Medical or health related issues including pregnancy= unless its about cleansing and healing energies, your auras or chakras.

Thank you for taking time to read about me and I am looking forward to connecting with you for a mutually rewarding experience.

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Monday Mar 25, 2019

Special E-mail Reading is available ($25.00)
5 Question Special Love/relationship/romance; Career/work; Lost life path; Family; Numerology birth chart; Astrological birth chart. You can choose Tarot/Oracle/Tea leaf cards . You will get a 3-4 page document and a photo of the card spread . Thank you for choosing to have a Special Email reading with me .