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Tarot reader, psychic, spiritual coach, clarcognizant, empath, dream interpretation, light worker, angel communication

I am psychic and tarot reader. Mediumship runs in my family and I discovered I was one from a young age. I use my gifts to aid people in their life path and spiritual journey. I use my connection with spirits to communicate needed advice. I am a light worker and use feedback from the spirit world to help and heal people. I have not only practiced my natural gift for the majority of my life, but studied rigorously to sharpen my skill all for the purpose to help others in all realms of life. I am knowledgeable in crystals, herbs, chakras, symbols, spirit animals, spiritism, astrology. My spiritual knowledge can apply to the mind, body, and soul for healing and repair. If you are in a dilemma or do not know where or who to turn to, I can dictate your best choices for your situation. I will tell you everything spirit wants to communicate with you and promise to not sugar coat anything.

As a psychic and tarot reader, I take our time together very seriously. Everything we discuss is confidential. Confide in me to aid you in your life path. I give spiritual advice and guidance in any aspect of life, this includes: work, love, health, family, etc.

Have a blessed day and I hope to hear from you soon!

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