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More info about Delilah

2020-10-30  erin
Hi Delilah, thanks again! I always appreciate your calm and level readings :)

2020-03-24  baldi2016
I have been chatting with Delilah for 5 years if not more. She is so patient and accurate and a true goldmind for psychic contact. Thanks Delilah!

2019-01-25  A
I've done sessions with other psychics before, but I usually feel like they're reaching. Delilah, you were amazing. You picked up on the energy of specific people without much of any information. I came in feeling really awful tonight, like I had lost a part of myself and wasn't on the right path. I feel better now. Ready to move forward instead of feeling bad about the losses. Thank you!!!

2017-09-5  H
wow love your energy... i can feel it and you confirmed things...thank you!!!!

2017-22-01  E
Delilah always astounds me with her accuracy. I dont have to give her detail, she just picks up on the situation and uses words that he uses without me mentioning anything.

2016-23-12  S
Thanks Delilah, your readings have been consistent from the very beginning. You saw things about this relationship and man after my first date that I'm only discovering now after getting to know him better. That's crazy accuracy!

2016-18-12  starstar
Thanks for being so on point. You actually used words that he used and I didn't even give you any context whatsoever.

2016-11-17  hteb
Came into this a skeptic, but thanks for the great reading. I tried not to give too much details or ask too much so as to keep it neutral, and I'm pretty impressed, Delilah got some pretty nuanced details that are accurate.

04/04/2016  ay.angel
Delilah has been very patient with me, as I practice my energy alignment and coming to her to have her sense where I am at, as well as my circumstances in life. I feel she gets it very well, and has been so helpful to explore things with me so I can adjust myself and easily make decisions. I can't thank her enough:)

2015-09-20  loveless525
Thanks so much..You are the greatest Delilah! Thanks for being there for me and for all your help. I sure wish I only have positive news for you in the near future. So much drama!! I really appreciate your help!

2015-09-04  MMH1958
Thank you for your clear, fast and concise answers to my multitude of questions. Your reading remained consistent throughout, even when I added extra information. You obviously picked up on the person in question as you touched on things that only I would know. Thank you again, I would love to come back for an update.

2015-07-24  AT
Hi Delilah, thanks so much for the reading today. I am going though a very difficult time trying to make a very important decision that will affect my entire life. You insight was a great help to gear me toward the right direction. You were spot on to what is going on and everything you said made sense. Thanks again!

2015-06-23  Latia91
Thank you so gave me clarity

2015-04-30  CindyM09
Delilah is a sweet person, I always enjoy our chats. She is a very talented reader and I recommend her highly.

2015-22-04  darlinnik
Thank you! Great reading!

2015-02-09  Tooster
Awesome and totally connected to my situation,she was really in tune and gave fast and quick responses that I like. Will come back again and glad that I'm heading in the right direction with the guy I like :) I recommend.

2015-01-04  hitch22
Very honest, accurate and detailed. Will return with update. Thanks.

2014-10-10  Summer
She picked up very well on my situation and she was very detailed.

2014-06-08  twin2015
Thank you so much! It is so hard for most readers to see the dynamics of a TF relationship because it doesnt look good usually from a human standpoint because it is SO confusing! Thank you again!

2014-07-19  Summer2244
Wow she was awesome tuned in very quickly with my situation. Very accurate in detailed. Everything about the reading was very in tuned. Thank u

2014-07-07  kelli
Thank you for all the confirmations. You are a great genuine, honest person. I adore you for sharing your gifts with me this evening. You have given me hope and took away some despair. I will keep you posted. thanks again.

2014-05-08  yahana
I thank you for taking time to speak with me. You really seem to have wonderful way of using your God given gifts. I appreciate my time with you and I will talk to you again soon!

2014-23-04  anonymous
You were completely right! You said I would see her in 2 months that you got the number 2. It wasn't two months, it was 2 days, which is awesome but you were still right. During our visit we talked about the relationship she was sweet and loving like you said it's different on the phone than in person. She wants to put our argument behind us and start over. I want to thank you for such an awesome reading;)

2014-04-14  shang
Hi Delilah, I just wanted to thank you for the positive and insightful reading you gave me earlier. I will be back with an update soon. Best wishes :)

2014-10-04  shenitafranklin
Thank you for Delilah because she picks up the right away of what is going on. I felt much better chatting with her. I pray that she continues to use her blessing to bless others. Thanks for all you do!

2014-04-09  sweettrinisyco
Thank you so much for your reading. You were on the button from the start and I didn't really volunteer any information, yet you knew my situation exactly. I am glad to know there is someone like you who can understand what I cannot explain and also who has ability to discern what the problem is and help me find a solution. Thank you for not sugar-coating the truth and giving me the real answers, no matter how bad or good. You are truly gifted. Blessings to you.

2014-04-08  Hongnguyen70
I think u know wat u r doing, that's good. I hope ur advice is good.

2014-07-04  Anetra
Delilah, I just want to say thank you so much for all of the wonderful messages. You picked up on a lot of things for me and was accurate about a lot of things. You are amazing! Thank you again!!

2014-04-06  azmom
I just want to let you know that I really appreciated the warmth and compassion that came through in tonight's chat session. You seem to have a gift for quickly tuning into the situation and giving some helpful insight. Thanks again!

Psychic Clairvoyant, Medium, Relationship Expert, Intuitive Coach, Empath, Dream interpreter, Spirit Guide Messenger, Spiritual Healer, Pet Reader

Hello :) Thank you for taking a look at my profile. I am a Natural Born Intuitive and Healer. One of my strongest abilities is being a Clairvoyant, which I have had my entire life. At a young age I was always so in tune to my spiritual gifts. As I become older I started to use my gift to help many people all around the world find their path and give them insight with accurate information. I am also very sensitive to energies and I am able to channel and tune into your situation by connecting to a name or situation. I have a sense of 'knowing' that can come over me during our session.

I am a relationship expert and I have helped numerous people find solutions to their issues with relationships and marriages. I make sure to tune into the situation and connect to find the root of the issue and help guide you in the present situation. My goal in each session is to find a solution that can help change your future! We do have unlimited paths and as long as we can take charge of our path, and our self, we can alter our life and create the life we do want. - We do make mistakes, and we do learn from our mistakes, but as long as we keep moving forward we will be able to succeed and create the life we want by not looking back.. but moving forward and staying strong!

It is important that we do stay positive, no matter the situation. I believe that there is good in every situation, whether it is hard to see it or not. The positive always out weighs the negative. The "negative" part of our life only makes us stronger and it does help us learn more about our self. Not every bad situation is 'bad' we just have to learn and move forward! People do need to understand that we can turn a bad situation around and do our best to make it better for us!

I am really looking forward to connecting to you and bringing peace to your life in any way I can. Join me today and let me help guide you to the path you truly seek. :-)

My Expertise:

~ Spiritual Healer
~ Relationship Expert
~ Pet Psychic
~ Psychic Medium
~ Dream interpretations
~ Spirit Guides
~ Career
and more!

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Friday Dec 10, 2021

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I offer (as part of my services) a Spiritual Long Distance healing Session for $75.00 (The session lasts for 30 minutes). My spiritual healing session helps clear any negative energies or blockages, it helps clear blocks, & can also help heal a relationship as well. If you have any questions feel free to send me a message. If you are interested in purchasing it. You can contact the site administrators: Jayson or Meriem. Thank you and I am looking forward to working with you!