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2018-02-22  Robyn
I really appreciated your insight this evening. It gave me a very clear picture of the path I needed to take, the best approach, and the things that I needed to look out for along the way. I really appreciate your wisdom!

2017/08/27  Erin
My reading with Hilary was very helpful. Hilary prepared herself well for the reading, which was accurate. She tuned in to my situation with specific details and I appreciate the attention she put into the reading,

27/07/2017  Robyn
Thank you for a very clear, detailed and insightful reading about a family matter. Your guidance really helped me to fit together the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that had been developing over a decade. Thank you so much! Sincerely Robyn.

02/07/2017  M
Talking to Hilary was a blessing - she had insight and understanding and was seeing things she could not know. She was patient and kind and answered all of my wonderings. I will definitely be back another time! Thank you Hilary Hugs from M

2017-06-26  "S"
Thank you for the accurate reading. You were able to gain insight into the situation quickly and accurately. I enjoyed your reading very much, will definitely ask for a second reading soon.

2017-06-26  Robin
Thank you again for your reading. I see you're online and in session. I shall wait for you. You certainly know your stuff. Blessings, Robin

Numerology, Astrology, Tarot Reader, Clairvoyant, Love and Relationships, Career, and Life Coach.

Hey everyone,
I am Hilary :)
Are you stressed, confused, afraid and need answers?? Let me help you reach your peace of mind!
I have been working as a psychic reader for several years and my clients satisfaction always comes first. Know that I will honestly tell you what I see. That is, I will not change anything that comes up in the cards only to tell you what you want to hear.
So rest assured as honesty is the key to my universe!
I will offer you my help and guidance to overcome any obstacle in your life.
I have helped many people in starting or fixing relationships as I also showed others the path to get away from harming ones. Path of life is a key to understand and find many answers. I have been using numerology, tarot cards and astrology to help my clients. I am very good with numbers as they appear as symbols and words to me. I read numbers as if they are a language and I translate it to my clients. Numerology is a very interesting tool and journey that can help you travel through your past, present and future, especially if you master this science, which I do.
Tarot cards are as important as numerology. Not only was I born with a gift of 5th generation of clairsentients, I have also studied cards reading and let me tell you; it can change your whole life. It is a gate to a new universe that I welcome you to join.
All I am asking for is your trust, honesty and patience, and I will do my best to make you happy and satisfied. Together with my spiritual gift and long experience, I can let you into a new universe where clarity is all you see in every galaxy.
Come talk to me and enter my universe. Come and I will shed light on your love life as well as your professional one or any other topic of your choice.
Remember that at the end there is always a solution, and if you could not figure it out on your own then you can count on me to guide you and offer you a new perspective.
Thank you for checking my bio and take care.

TODAY IS: Saturday Jun 06, 2020
Monday Jun 08, 2020

Special E-mail Reading is available ($20.00)
I will offer you a special reading about any specific situation or person. The reading will include tarot cards as well as numerlogy :) Please don't forget to provide the First Names and DOBs.