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More info about Indigo

Jul 10, 2011   kracquelle
Thank you for the beautiful reading.

Sep 18, 2010  meesh11
Thank you so much for the reading. WOW you have an amazing gift!
I'm truly in awe right now.. I would really love another opportunity to chat with you online later =)
Thanks again!! God Bless You

Oct 3, 2010  ANNIEM
Indigo is the absolute best psychic reader I have ever met! She is amazing in her insight and very kind and helpful! Blessings always and such a rare fortune to have a reading with her!

Krisann  Aug 30, 2011
Thank you so much, you always are wonderful. I know our love is special that is why I needed your reinforcement and good words. I also know love can be painful at times and I am willing to deal with the pain to get to the good, it's all about trial and error. Im just glad that it will be able to work out. Thank you again, and lots of love to you

Clairvoyance, Reiki Healing, Past Life

Blessings to you. I am Indigo, and to my friends, that I have not seen for a time, I will enjoy speaking with you again. To those who I do not yet know I would like to introduce myself.

I am Celtic, Scottish, Irish, and also, from my great grandfather aboriginal. I draw on the strength and mysteries from all of those cultures and clans. I am a Clairvoyant, a Reiki Master, Shaman, Past Life Regressionist and have been psychic since I can remember. As a child I was punished for responding to others thoughts as in my head they sounded as voices, and I answered them. I have always seen things before they happened. Events have shown themselves in my dreams or in waking visions. These visions are what I use to guide myself and others.

I am a healer, a certified Reflexologist, Herbalist, and work with the magnetic forces of my hands and mind to help heal. These gifts have come throughout life and while I am glad they are a part of who I am, they are also tools that come with a responsibility. I cannot lie. If I make a promise I must keep my word. What I share with you, and, what you share with me is, and will always be, confidential.

I have read tarot cards for over 38 years and as I read the pictures and words that come to me become part of the reading. I work with the aid of my guardian who has been with me since I turned thirteen. Through him I have explored the mysteries of Wicca, ancient rituals, traveled to many places and seen much through many eyes. I have worked with ghosts and hauntings and home cleansing. Career paths and love pathways can often separate the self. I work with you to find a balance.

If you want to journey into the past, and, into other lives, I can help to guide that journey. I believe that our other lives influence our paths today.

I look forward to reading for you. I want to know what your dreams are, what you need, what discover your deep realities are. Sometimes these parts of yourself are hidden, covered by pain, part of your despair. At all points in time I want to help you heal, find love, life, success and happiness. I will walk with you through the difficult times and rejoice with you at your happiness.

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