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2019-10-21  AlisonF
Kylie immediately knew what I needed to hear and made my day! I feel so full of positive energy after hearing what she had to say. I highly recommend her! I will definitely come back!

2018-09-01  Reiki
Kylie is a natural medium, picks things up immediately, does not waste your time and money. She sees subtle things other readers miss, very direct, doesnt sugar coat.

Tarot Reader, Reiki, Angel Readings, Energy Healer, Claircognizant, Love and Relationships, Career, Life Coach.

Empowering and Motivating...

Hello, my Dear.
I believe that everything happens for a reason even if at times we may never find out exactly why.

If you feel drawn to me, then there is also a reason for the same. Perhaps I can be the one to help you find your place of power at present or otherwise be your guide as you map out your path for the future.

I have been described as hope in a bottle because I genuinely believe that life is meant to be celebrated and that there is always a rainbow to look forward to after the rain. I do not sugarcoat things.

I encourage people not to cry over spilled milk but instead take a proactive approach and find their way forward. Listening is also a gift I have mastered along with being an effective sounding board as I throw in my intuitive glimpses to things.

I make no judgements and welcome diversity as well as differing views. Respect and compassion can be expected from sessions with me.I embraced my intuitive side after suppressing it for over a decade. I have experience in the corporate world and am able to throw in logic and practicality to my intuitive work.

As you allow me to read for you, kindly remember that nothing is set in stone. Our thoughts, choices and decisions can always change the course of things.
I do best when open-ended questions are asked as it takes into account that our mindset and actions can always influence matters and may also speed up or delay what I may read into today.

My Please do NOT requests:
*Please do NOT ask me about health or medical related questions (unless you specifically ask about chakras or energy healing). *Please do NOT ask me about matters best consulted with a lawyer in your jurisdiction.

*Please do NOT press me for a specific date or time frame (I will instead tell you the cues or keys that you will surely recognize when the time comes).
Instead, please DO:
*chat with me about anything else other than the three matters above.
Please do contact me for any or a combination of the following:
Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Crystal Readings, Pendulum, Energy Healing, Angelic Healing,
Love and relationships, Angel Cards, Claircognizant, Colour Therapy, Relationship Consultant, Career Intuitive, Coaching. Empowerment is an essential part of all of the above-mentioned.

Ultimately, my goal is to help you understand what you want to comprehend and to conclude our session with you having a proactive plan and/or mindset.

It will be my joy to read for you and to be part of your life even for just a moment---or many moments if you will honour me with the said pleasure.

In warmth,

TODAY IS: Saturday Feb 29, 2020
Monday Mar 02, 2020

Special E-mail Reading is available ($30.00)
I will do a 17-card Wheel of Fortune reading for you using tarot cards to assess where you have been in the past, where you are at present and likely paths for the next six months to over a year from today. In addition, I will also give you a two card oracle reading guidance.