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08/13/2018  L
I just wanted to say bye and thank you. At the end the chat was running too slow so I couldn't respond to you. I was very very happy with my reading just had some technical problems. Could be on my end we have six people using our wifi here lol. I will come back soon to chat about other things. You really are on to something- these authoritarian men are driving me NUTS! Love and light

2017-08/01  J
Hi Lovable, Thank you for your answers. You really connect to the present moment and that really helps to keep me grounded instead of focusing on the past or future. I would like to get in touch with you again some other time :) Have a nice day.

2017/07/30  Jan
Thanks once again for your time. You are really incredible to everyone i believe :)

2017/06/05  E
Thank you - you helped me all those years ago, and you have helped me again now. You are an angel :)

2017/04/09  dove4peace
Lovable, I just love chatting with you. You give me hope!!

2017/01/20  aflorine2
From: aflorine2
Jan 21, 2017 1:53 am

It was a pleasure reading with you. Thank you for your honesty and helping me face the painful truth that I have been trying to ignore. You have been very passionate and supportive. You were also dead accurate about H . :)

2016-12-23  dove4peace
From: dove4peace
Dec 23, 2016 8:24 pm

This was one of the best readings I've ever had.Lovable was compassionate,caring and warm. She has restored my faith and hope in relationships. She was right on with everything she spoke about. Keep up the good work.

2016/08/14  Roxygurl4584
Aug 15, 2016 4:46 am

Amazing. Refreshing. I needed to talk to her and be reassured in my decision. I'll definitely be rechatting when I need my batteries recharged!!

2016/08/03  Shivangi22
Thank you!
Aug 3, 2016 3:31 pm

Sorry I ran out of time, but thank you so much! I don't know what I would do without you. Lord help me now and him, yes he needs it more then me haha. But really thank you for making me feel better. Love, Shivangi

2016/06/11  N
Hi Lovable...I just think you're awesome... you're so positive!

2016/04/26  Alexandra
Thank you.. You have been great xxx

2016/04/07  Angela
From: angela
love life
Apr 8, 2016 4:50 am

Thank you so much for the reading today very helpful..

2016/04/06  CindyM09
From: CindyM09
Testimonial 2016
Apr 6, 2016 6:22 pm

Loveable is a sweetheart and a long time friend and advisor.I adore her and her honesty is refreshing and appreciated.Treat yourself to her she's worth it

2016/03/23  K
thank u
thanks so much, what a helpful reader and reading

2016/03/18  Y
Thanks. the reading was great

2016/03/17  Emma
Thank you for the advice. I flat out asked and he said she was still in his life. needless to say I made decisions that will empower me. If it's meant to be, it will be, but owe to myself to be strong. Thank you!!!

2016/02/27  A
great reading :)

2016/02/24  caricat
I loved your reading. I got love from it :)

2016/02/22  J
Thank you so much you were great!

2016-01-31  P
From: patycakes19
Time flies when I speak to you, I didnt even see i was about to end lol.. Thank you sooooo muchhhhh for everything you are literally the best. :)

2016-01-18  B
o dear lovable it was lovely chatting with you...and I will get in touch soon!!!!! thank you
You are really lovable..xx

2016-01-07  B
Dear Lovable. You are so kind. So lovely chatting with you.

2015/10/31  S
you rock! I am so glad you are here! Thank you for the encouragement!

2015/10/16  S
You help me so much
Big hugs to you!!!!

2015/08/12  121615MS
What a great experience, Lovable was spot on and really answered what I needed and with great accuracy! Thank you for today!

2015/08/12  121615MS
You are very spot on your answers I will come back to you! Many blessings to you!

2015/08/12  K
Thank you so much, you have helped me so much.

2015/08/06  B
Thank you so much, you have no idea how much you have helped. I've been so confused and hurt.

2015/08/05  R
You are lovable and I would have no qualm to come back to you.

2015/07/23  Joniquer
From: Jonique
Thank you
Jul 24, 2015 12:26 am

Wow I enjoyed your readings today and you have been right on.everything and I know for sure. I pray my brother gets out soon and me and my boyfriend just have to be more talkative. I really appreciate you. Thank you and blessings to you. Hugs :)

2015/06/23  Latia91
She is great and answered all of my questions

2015/05/29  mariap
thanks so spot on!

2015/05/21  angez22
Very in tune (y)
May 22, 2015 5:39 am

Great reading lovable.. you helped me so much.. We will talk again soon :)

2015/05/04  S
Thank you so very much
You have been brilliant!

2015/04/09  J
Thank you so much!! You are the best! I'll let you know how the trip goes!!!

2015/02/20  ADtrx3
From: ADtrx3
Always great
Feb 20, 2015 8:49 pm

Loveable is a true gem and blessing. I've used her for years, and consider her a great friend I can confide in about anything and I know she's accurate and on point. Thank you for everything

2015/02/20  ADtrx3
As always, thank you so much for everything)
You truly are a gem and blessing

2015/01/26  emily1423
From: Emma
Thank you!!
Jan 26, 2015 8:19 pm

Hi! Thank you for the reading. I literally found out minutes before messaging you. What you said puts me somewhat at ease. I will step back and see what happens. Thank you again for the insight and the peace of mind that you always offer. Hugs!! Emma

2015/01/23  lsimmo06
Thank you for the great reading. I will follow my heart because I feel like I would be more likely to settle down with him it that became an option. I will wait for him to make his move while remaining friendly to him. I do feel that we have had a connection from the moment he became employed with the company. Thank you for your help. I now know that he feels the same way but I will wait for him to make his move.

2014/01/04  Emma
Thank you!
Jan 4, 2015 9:30 pm

Thank you for the great insight, like always. You have allowed me to ensure that I'm not wasting my time and that things are on track. Wishing you a very happy New Year!

2014/11/02  Alva
You're a lifesaver! I was about to forget everything I've learned the past few months, and almost went into ice queen mode, but you pulled me back down to earth! Thank you

2014/09/30  Summer2244
Very detailed as usually encouraging and honest and straightforward

2014/09/18  gorgeous-chik7
Thanks so much!
You're the best!

2014/09/12  A.
Thank you, you always help me and tells me what I need to hear:)

2014/09/09  Emma
From: Emma
Thank you!
Sep 9, 2014 4:41 am

I appreciate your insight. :-)

2014/08/21  A
Hugs and blessings to you : ) You always help and make me feel better : )

2014/08/21  A
Hi Lovable, hope you are happy, too, and that you are finding ways of being creative besides 'reading' for people. Your pictures over the years have shown a spark of life, a curiosity and a true caring of people you help. Thank you for your friendship. Hugs to u!

2014/08/20  Alva
Hey, I don't think I've given you a testimonial yet? Anyway, you deserve one, so here you go :-) I have been chatting with Lovable on a regular basis for the past 4-5 years, and she is absolutely amazing. Not only is she really accurate, she is extremely caring and loving - she has become my friend over the years. She has been a major support through a rough journey I've had the past years. Thanks to her I'm in a really really good place in my life right now even though I've had a lot of obstacles. She is highly recommended by me :-)

2014/08/04  Summer2244
It was a short reading, but we got a lot of details, and answers very accurate as always.

2014/07/16  Summer2244
My FAVORITE, as always a pleasure talking to her. So very tuned in in so many ways. Thanks, Lovable.

2014/07/07  D
Thanks so much for your patience and your help!

2014/07/06  A
Thanks for being the best!

2014/05/26  Z
Thanks so much for the reading...It was really really good!

2014/04/18  Alva
Thank you!!

You're the best!

2014-04-25  jc1
Thank you for all your help and insight.

2014/04/16  Mekie
I called Lovable my lifesaver because she always encourages you to think more positive. She is a very honest person. Her gift is a blessing from God to bless others, may God continue to bless her!

2014-04-06  sandid
Is great and on target!

2014-03-27  A
Just wanted to say thank you for always being here for me, and cheering me up. Means a lot to me!

2014-03-17  Lizzy21
You are so helpful...thank you so much!!!!!! xoxoxo Elizabeth

2014/01/07  E.
From: Emma
Thank you!!
Jan 7, 2014 5:56 pm

I want to say that only YOU have put me at ease. There is not one question that you don't answer for me and you have something about you that makes me feel that everything will be okay. Thank you for the insight on life and love and everything else. Much love to you!!

2013/12/22  J
Thank u
Dec 22, 2013 5:07 pm

Thank I agree whole heartedly and I do feel it is past time to move and I am so ready. Thank u Merry Christmas.

12/16/2013  S
Thank you!
You recently gave me a reading regarding my father who had passed over about his will and the court case that followed. I just wanted to stop by and thank you Lovable for your wonderful reading. Sometimes. for whatever reason, there are some matters that can't be resolved on this earth yet they can be resolved when people pass over because for what ever reason they see things differently. I don't know what made you tell me that my father was sorry about what happened to me from when I 17 on but you know it really helped me to heal a very deep wound in side me. I know you were communicating with my father and no other because my age 17 was highly relevant. Somehow through this long dark year with my father gone I kept wondering what was the good in it. Maybe through my search for the truth about my father's will it helped me to connect with my father and feel his love again as I used to when I was a young girl. This is truly a magical gift and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for for helping me to find his love again.

2013/12/09  james2244
Great as always thank u. U gave me SO much to think about thank u so much next time i speak with you i hope to have GREAT news.

2013/12/03  james2244
She is hands down the BEST!!! I truly LOVE talking to her HIGHLY RECOMMEND FEELS LIKE KNOWN HER FOR YEARS!! :)

2013/12/01  R
Thank you so much for all dear Lovable
have a lovely week as well
Truly appreciate all your help and support
and hugs to you as well
you are an angel

2013/11/24  C
Nov 24, 2013 4:38 pm

Thanks for keeping me grounded! let you know how things go.

2013/11/21  C
I knew by talking to you it will get me back to being level headed.

2013/11/09  T
Thank you so much
I feel better already
big hugs

2013/11/06  Josie
You are the best!!! Thank you for your wonderful insite!!!

2013/11/06  M
Thanks loveable!!!!!
so much fun talking with you as always :)

2013/10/14  L.
I wanted to say thank you very much
you helped me more than you know.

2013/09/30  J
wow you are gooo
thanks love

2013/09/29  A
You always make me look at things in a positive way. Goodnight and thanks again:)

2013/09/26  grace
Thanks so much
you are the best I love you

2013/09/25  richp
Lovable you are always the best. Thank you.
You give valuable advice:)

2013/09/23  M
You are wonderful!xo Wish I could talk to you all night!

2013/09/17  N
Thank you for your wonderful advice. You have been great.

2013/09/13  A
Thank you so much
Youve helped me again
Thanks for the reassurance that i needed

2013/09/10  T.
From: tracy
Thank you
Sep 10, 2013 12:19 pm

Just wanted to say thank you for your time last night and patience. You are always so real but compassionate with your words not what I want to hear. Thank you for always being honest

2013-07-24  C
Well, thank you for your time today! Your insight is always super helpful and accurate!

2013/07/08  F
Jul 8, 2013 3:13 pm

Hello Lovable I'm sorry to bother you. I am trying to figure out how to leave feedback on your site but have had no luck. Wasn't sure if you could direct me on that.I want to thank you for your time yesterday I cannot express how it has touched my heart. Just the knowing alone that my mother was not disappointed in me lifted a weight. Thank you once you have been a blessing to me. God Bless You!!

2013/07/08  aleigha
thank you :)
Jul 8, 2013 6:54 pm

I wanted to tell you thanks again for our last reading, it ALWAYS helps to chat with you. I also wanted to tell you that I hope you have a great vacation!! And I hope to catch up with you when you get back. Love your new pic too!! So cute :)

2013/07/06  J
Thank you
Jul 6, 2013 10:06 am

I thank you so much for everything sweet heart. Bless you

2013-07-04  M
From: Shi Qi Elizabeth
Thank you :)
Jul 4, 2013 3:13 pm

For the wonderful reading :)

2013-07-01  Neema
Elders in our culture say that your groom will come riding on a horse...and that is the horse I have been waiting all my life haha. I feel it is just his way of approving the person I chose. Thank you so much Lovable, you are so amazing. It's shame I ran out of funds...but I shall come back to you soon. :) Love and hugs Xoxoxo

2013/06/15  M
Thank you for the reading loveable :)
it was really fun and enlightening!

2013/05/26  Ren
From: Renata
thank you ;)

Dear Lovable, sorry run out of chat time... just wanted to thank you for all your kind words and support. Have a lovely day and chat soon. Hugs ;)

2013/05/18  Donna
From: Donna L M
thank you
May 18, 2013 6:24 pm

Hi my credits ran out thank you for everything! It really helped to chat with you and to move forward! Speak again Hugs D

2013-05-09  wilddolphins
Thank you for your help today. You have helped to understand and keep me strong through this ..... Your work must be very rewarding than k you again blessings

2013-05-07  R
thank you ;)
May 7, 2013 1:35 pm

dear Lovable, wanted to say once more thank you for all your help, support and guidance... I cannot imagine what I would do without you...

2012/04/10  S
Thank you sooooo much
your wonderful thanks again

04/04/2013  P
Thank you sooo much!!! you are the best and ill be back :)

2013/02/27  Leni
She is wonderful...I'll come back soon. Thanks again for the advise. =) Great reader

2013/01/23  ren
Thank you so so much for all , you are my angel and light and blessing!

2013/01/08  G.
thank u very much,u were spot on

2013/01/04  sonia
From: Sonia
Re: Thank you

Hi. thank you for the reading you did for me.It was exactly what I needed to hear.

2013-01-02  okstatejay11
Thank you so much! You have been amazing...

2012-11-15  M.
Now hugs to you, you are amazing, I got to go to bed. Thanks see you soon

2012-11-15  R.
You are really great

2012-11-14  Leni
From: Leni
Amazing Lovable
Nov 15, 2012 12:07 am

Folks this lady is amazing...I've been getting readings from her for a few months....every time she is right on point....thanks lovable )

2012-11-10  K
I came looking for you a couple months back and was upset when I didn't see your pic on the site. I was worried you stopped working.
Your pic should always be #1 on the list....ur the best
u should always be highlighted first!

2012/10/08  emily1423
I want to thank you for all the guidance you gave me these past three weeks. I truly appreciate it. You're gift is truly amazing because things occurred just like you said!! Thanks again.

2012-10-01  stormy57
From: stormy57
love and friendship

ty as always right on the money, you validated my gut feelings thank you so much

2012/09/23  J.
Thank you love :) you've been amazing

2012/09/09  A
Hi Lovable, I just wanted to thank you again for the reading you gave me a few days ago. I feel so good and inspired about the wonderful things to come and knowing that all of the waiting will be worth it. Just hopin he'll come visit me real soon :) Big hugs and you know I'll be checkin in soon. ~A~

2012/09/05  Ibsmom
Thank you so much you are amazing
thats why I keep coming back

2012/08/26  S
Thank you so very much!
You have been of great help to me!

2012/08/15  mekie
From: mekie
She is a positive reader and very straight forward with our answers Thank god for her

2012/08/14  M
You are great!!! I love that You believe in God as much as I do!!

2012/30/07  M
This is a great chat and reading- Thank YOU

2012/07/22  nikkib75
Thank you for the informative and positive reading. This is a tough time for me and it's truly appreciated

2012/07/01  A
Just wanted to thank you again
Hi Lovable, thank you, thank you, thank you. I don't know what's going to happen here but you always help me to feel better about my situation :)

2012-06-12  cgpsychic
Great reading

She knew exactly what was going on, I will use her again! Thanks lovable!

2012/05/29  arlafountain
you're the best!

2012/05/19  g
Thank you. You always put things into perspective
You're great. Talk to you soon!

2012/05/16  IBSmom
I first have to say how much I adore you
You are so gifted and I am so grateful
You always just blow me away

2012/05/16  kbetty
Great conversation and guidance. Thank you!

2012/05/15  B.
You're so spot's scary.Thanks. you're very good! my time is running out. I'll be back to see you
You're super!

2012/05/15  emily1423
Great!!! thank you so much for everything
You always amaze me!!

2012/05/14  Mandy971
Thanks for everything, you are a big help and good listener and good adviser and highly gifted

2012/05/14  Stormy57
very uplifting
very, sweet and direct and uplifting, awesome reader

05/10/2012  I.
Thank you so much you are amazing

2012/04/29  mekie

She is the one to go to if you have any questions or problems. She very honest in all her answers

04/29/2012  Mekie

She is the one to go to if you have any questions or problems. She very honest in all her answers

2012-03-23  Kirsty

wow you are just great at what you do.

2012-03-14  A.

Re: I just had to validate

Thank you for taking ur time to respond...Notice how u described her hair color and all very impressed. Good Job!! til our next reading

2012-02-22  Sara
Thank you. You are great. See you again soon!!!!!!!!!

2012-02-13  S.
Thank you for the reading. you are very accurate and I find that very refreshing.

2012-02-12  aleigha

The best!!!

I have to say that Lovable has become someone very dear in my life. I know she will listen and help me through anything and tell me the truth. She is like my angel reassuring me that all is well no matter what is going on. I talk with her as often as I can and will continue to. Thank you sooo much, hugs :)

2012-02-07  arlafountain
From: arlafountain
Feb 8, 2012 2:24 am
The connection that Lovable and I just made was nothing less than beautiful. The many insights she gave me were more than just accurate- they were precise. I cannot count how many times I thought to myself that she must have been in the room over the past few weeks!! I completely trust the conversation that we had and feel a peacefulness that I didn't even know was possible right now. What an absolute blessing this evening was. Thank you so much, Lovable! Now I completely understand your name :)

2012-01-29  acvaut
I am going to reconnect with you again if I can. :) You were fantastic and I really appreciate your help. Even if I can't reconnect tonight, I know that you have set me on the right path. I just have so much to ask you!!! Cheers!

2012-01-27  zuzana
Thank you so much for insightful reading! I could feel your personality through your sentences, you love people and do what you do with a huge piece of your heart in it!...I strongly recommend Lovable to everyone who wants not only accurate and professional reading, but also guidance and motivation...Thanks again and will be back to update you:)

2012-01-27  Z
Thank you so much for reading....I will update you! You are great,nice talking to you! :)

2012-01-13  Sharone
Thank you sooooooo much seriously thank you!:)
you rock!

2012-01-09  S
I just wanted to thank you so much you have always been right on with your readings and I appreciate you very much
I have been blown away to be honest.

2011-12-24  Pamela75

love life reading
Thank you very much for the reading it was very helpful, bye for now.

2011/12/05  Emily1423
Thank you soo soo soo much
You have put me at ease and brought tears to my eyes!!!!

2011-11-29  ipanima
Thank you for a wonderful reading Lovable. I feel much better now

2011-11-15  Aleigha
Just have to tell you, you are great !! I love chatting w/you!

2011-11-4  Kirsty
I ran out of time but thank you so much.x K

2011-10-30  B
I feel much better now after having spoken to you. I think I just needed to get it off my chest xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

2011-10-26  Carolina12
thank you so much.. ur awesome

2011-10-12  jasonnacho
Your reading on my dad was very accurate and indeed empowered me!

2011-10-06  K
Thank you so much. I really enjoy speaking to you.
I'm just kinda lost right now and your advice helps a lot

2010-10-04  Aleigha
you are the best!!!! Thank you so much !

2009-10-28  Kself58
She got straight to the point and was such a help. Thanks a lot Lovable!

2010-02-12  Cynargy
She was completely caring,compassionate and very on target n insightful on my current situation,i would definitely get a reading from her again. 5 stars

2010-02-10  Chicalibra71
Lovable offers true and honest advice. I look forward to chat with her when I need some guidance. She is a great reader and I definitely recommend her. :-)

2010-01-01  Raquel
As ALWAYS,Lovable you are dead on and I think you should get a raise! Jayson, Lovable is wonderful and honest and she can definitely pick up on everything. Wow, I am so excited for all the confirmations you have given me this evening. Whew! I am so excited. Thank you for your friendship and loyalty.

2009-12-20  H
On Target

Saw the two women in question and nailed their personalities.

2009-12-18  iluvnllm
Great reader,just like the last time!! Will come back:)

2009-12-18  Ninze565

Great...made me open my eyes and consider lots of things. Thanks so much:)

2009-11-09  Cindy M

Very accurate and so admirable. Lovable is a very heart warming person..She is extremely nice and full of passion to help you find the answers you seek. Magnificent reading overall. I definitely recommend Lovable to anyone...She is the best of the bunch...Thank you so much Lovable... Hope to chat with you in the future.

2009-10-06  Kameelah

I think she is supportive and direct with her analysis of your situations. I would say she is a wonderful advisor and recommend her highly.

2009-09-29  Muki
First time reading with her, and she has picked up specific details about my relationship with 2 men that is mind-blowing. Unless she read for me under a different reader's name, she is the real deal and knows her stuff. Brilliant! TY will be back.

2009-07-23  B
Hi Lovable

Just wanted to say thank you again for the chat tonight. I've only had two conversations with you, but both have been very accurate I feel. It's been hard to find a genuine reader who isn't telling you things based on what you say to them. I will definitely use you now on a regular basis.

Take care, and thank you again.

2009-07-11  mjasey

She was amazing! It was almost like she could look into my mind with just small bits of information I gave about my life. Even through the internet I could sense the sympathy she had over my issues and concerns. I would recommend her to anybody who wants to get something off their chest, and would like some insight to their current circumstances.

2009-07-02  Anonymous
I do not know how you do what you do but I was taken aback by your insight. I really appreciated the reading you did and I think you validated what was in my heart now to be true.

Your reading was gentle and calming and you really seemed to have captured what I think I felt but was so unsure about. Just wanted to thank you for your time you gave me.

2009-07-01  Sunny4harmony
She is awesome and very clear! Love her to pieces, calming and would like for everyone to try her!!!!! :) She is very good at what she does!

2009-06-16  diannag
Our session was very short due to my minutes. but in this short time, the reader was very gentle and authentic. She approached our session with a fresh attitude, and overall, I'd rate it a 10 out of 10.

2009-05-09  Crjardim
She really knew the personality, feelings, and how things had been. gave a good insight and advice on how to proceed. Will follow her advice :)

2009-04-26  Vermont70
excellent reader and so very intuitive!!

2009-04-18  Raquel
Lovable, you are so very very lovable and so right on the money. I cannot believe how much information you told me in just minutes of either asking or not. You are awesome quick to the punch and you pick up on so very much right away! You actually blew me away. Lovable you are wonderful and whomever gets a reading from you, will definitely not be disappointed! Thank you for sharing your gifts with me tonight. I cannot wait to have another reading with you soon. I will keep you posted on what is going on and it can only get better and better. Thank you once again and God bless you for allowing me the opportunity to visit you. Take care, your friend,

2010-03-17  Mcmuzzle
I was very impressed with lovable's abilities. I will take her advice and see what happens. I will definitely chat with her again.

2010-04-12  G
I always trust your insight and I know you to be right, and what you say does flow with my gut as well... Thank you for all your support! xoxo

2010-04-23  Muki
Thank you again for that wonderful and accurate insight. Again I am amazed how u even know that this man has been had been married b4. No guessing n clues from me but just zooming straight into him and his situation with concrete details and facts that can be verified shows that u r truly talented. thanks so much again for your reading and for the clarity in seeing the current situation. Because of this reading, I know now better how I can improve things and be confident about my connection with the people I have asked about. YOU ARE THE BEST! God bless you!

2010-07-15  Elvnheart
I came to this site from another that has recently changed its policies at the expense of clients and I am very lucky to have found a gem of a reader with whom I share a connection. I will be back for more. Thank you!

2010-07-24  M
Thank you Lovable for the email and online chat reading. It has clarified my doubts about the issues hoovering my head and your advice in so valuable because it helps me focus on what is successful for me, and not the paths that will bring me more troubles. I am so glad to have you read for me. YOU ARE THE BEST HERE!

2010-08-17  C
and I must tell ya I can't get over how INCREDIBLY accurate you are! and you pick up on things that I've not said to anyone nor have thought about in awhile.

2010-09-09  Sfjeld
I just want to say that I had a reading with Lovable and it was AMAZING! She picked up on everything I asked her and even threw in some facts that I didn\'t know she knew and it made the reading feel \'real\' and believable. She was great and put my mind at ease about what was troubling me. She is an amazing genuine psychic with a great gift and I am sooooooo glad I found her and will for sure seek her help in the future if needed. Thank you Lovable!

2010-09-11  Imiri
Thank you for being so awesome! I will try my best and keep in touch! I think you've given me the best reading I've ever had. :)

2010-10-06  Deedee3
Re: The Truth Seeker

I have had many many readings, this lady will tell you the truth and she guided me to find out the truth. Many told me he was my soul mate, you were the one who told me about the string of addiction and destruction he was pushing in many womens lives. It was only when I found all this out for myself that I will never consider anyone else as offering accurate insight into my life. You are a true gift from god, the truth hurts and I am still in denial but at least I know in my heart that you had the good grace to tell me from your heart...and more importantly, you told me the TRUTH.....thank you

09/11/2011  mystique14
I just want to say thank you so much..I really appreciate your time! you have helped me a lot tonight..,ill definitely be back to talk again

10/29/2010  Anniem


10/02/2011  Jordan8900
A wonderful psychic I must say. She truly has love in her heart, she wants you do well in life and will give you the right guidance. She is very accurate and will give you the right information so you make the right decisions in your life. I wish the best in her life. Blessings Mathew

04/02/2011  Mackie71
Thank you so much for the reading. Amazing. Very accurate. I truly appreciate the guidance.

06/26/2011  Klassidiva
Thank You!
Thank you so much for the advice. I really needed that session. I will keep you posted on the things going on!!! Blessings!!

07/08/2011  J
Thank you for your time! You helped me get more lighthearted so that I can move into a head space where I can actually lay down a good framework of good vibes at work....and thanks for everything else. Will tune back in after some time passes! xo

08/12/2011  Irishcream12
I think Lovable is amazing. She picked up on so much with only my name and dob. I will contact her again. My reading was very informative and helpful. I thought lovable was very professional and gifted. Thank you so much!!!

08/25/2011  M
Thanks for the reading. It was great. Hugs & Love!

09/01/2011  Christina
Thank you for your reading, it was scary you picked up the exact situation I was in. I said I might contact you again on another topic (career), but wasn't sure you did career, so will put it off for now. Thank you again!

09/04/2011  K
You were right before, and a lot of the things you said are right as well, so I am so glad I got to speak with you. Thank you.

09/09/2011  Chanfan
Thanx a lot for the reading! That was very insightful!

09/12/2011  Kara
Thank you so much you are truly a blessing

09/20/2011  K
Thank you so much you are by far the best person I've spoke to.
September 20,2011

09/21/2011  A
I love lovable
Lovable is so great!! She always helps me to see the brighter side of a situation and also tell me the truth whether I like it or not. She has such a great heart and you can tell that when chatting with her, she always remembers me too :) I will come back to her again and again. Thank you Lovable. Hugs! ~A~

Relationship, Love and Soulmate Expert, Clairaudient, Empathic, Emotional Connections.

Hello! I am Lovable, as a relationship expert I have a passion and love for people. I have been sharing my gifts on Psychic Contact for over ten years. My gifts of Clairaudience, Empathy, Spirituality, Clairsentience, and sometimes Mediumship have allowed me to focus on my clients. �I have made some lifelong friends during this journey. �I also am a firm believer that if you are visiting my profile that there is a profound reason that you are meant to be here. ��

I use no tools when reading for clients. �My gifts are natural and I believe a gift from God above. �I have been studying personality compatibility for many years and have also earned a degree in Psychology. During my readings I can connect to you through images and words I am given. �It is like I am sitting right across from you at a table and having a nice conversation. ��I pride myself on being non-judgmental, compassionate, and real. ��I don�t sugar coat just to gain popularity. �I give you straight answers with love and get right to the point of the issues at hand. �Sometimes we get lost on this wonderful journey of life and just need someone to help guide us back in the right direction.

When you chat with me you can expect professionalism, years of experience, great advice, and most of all compassion. I type very fast so I don�t waste time. �Everything that is shared will remain confidential between us. �In my readings I hope to help you come to positive conclusions, get reliable answers, and send you away with a smile!
I am a Virgo so you can expect nothing but love and respect when you engage in a chat with me. My life�s work is to help guide you on this journey called life. As a Relationship expert I would like to help make you aware of greater possibilities, and to get your relationships back on track. �Life is too short for regrets. So come chat with me and let the blessings be unleashed in your life. Let me help you break the chains that bind and be free to be happy in love and life.

I do not read far future, as my gifts are more emotional connections to the past and present, but I have the ability to see what is important and steer you in the right direction. �Is he or she your soul mate? Can we have a lasting relationship? How can we grow together? These are all questions that I can help with during your session. ��I just ask for first names and birthdays of all people you would like me to connect to and from there doors will open. I believe God has given me these gifts to help others, but most important to pursue your purpose according to life�s plans.

Come chat! I would love to spend time with you and dive into the important questions you have for your life. �May you leave with a smile and a new perspective.
Hugs & Smiles

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