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Relationship Coach, Intuitive Empath, Astrology, Tarot Reader, Crystal Healing, Distance Healing, Numerology, Picture Reading, Law of Attraction, Symbolism & Sacred Geometry

I am an intuitive empath and relationship coach. I offer guidance and advice on all relationships whether personal or professional with the use of crystals and tarot. Allow me to see the cause of your frustration, angst, sadness or heartbreak and what is holding you in your current situation. Together we will get you to move forward the most beneficial way, for you.

I have always been able to see through facades, pretense and lies and have the gift of Clair cognizance (clear knowing). I receive channeled messages through instant thought, dreams, tarot reading and following meditation. I have been (and still am!) an avid student of astrology, crystal healing, sacred geometry and numerology since adolescence and utilize this knowledge during my readings as well. I also provide energy clearing and can help you in raising your vibrational frequency. I provide completely honest readings and will not withhold what you need to hear; even when it's not what you want (or think you want) to hear! I practice the Law of Attraction and the Law of Vibration and will guide you on how to apply both these laws in your everyday life. To attract what you desire, you need to embody a matching vibration.

It is important to remember that the future is subjective, and can change at any minute depending on the path you choose to take. You are always in control and have the light within you to have the life you want and deserve. I am here as a messenger and a guide to assist you in any way you require and it is my mission to help you become your authentic self and live your truth.


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