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Empath, Astrologer, Tarot, Numerologist, Pendulum, Runes, & Love Intuitive

Are you feeling confused about your destiny?

Lost, seeking understanding and guidance?

Are you worried about your relationship?

Do you have questions about when you will find more stable financial footing?

I understand how you feel and I can help you with the toughest life questions. I have traveled the world over seeking answers, exploring other cultures, and striving to discover the mysteries of the world we live in. It has been an exciting time of learning, evolving, and growth and I would like to share my natural, and learned knowledge with you.

I believe that we are all deserving of true love, financial stability, and the joys our Universe holds. The key to unlocking those things lies in following our karmic path and discovering our own destiny, first. I use the arcane secrets of deeper Astrology to help you discover the things that you can heal, those things that are holding you back, your unique gifts, and your path to the life you desire.

I also believe that the Tarot is an amazing tool that we can use to explore the often complex puzzles in our lives that may be preventing us from having the closeness in our relationships we truly deserve.

Of these three unique tools, numerology is perhaps the one I find great success in with helping my clients to not only know themselves better, but to help understand others in their lives as well.

Let me help you to unlock your full potential and understand the paths you need to take for the success, love, and happiness you deserve!

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Monday Feb 18, 2019

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Natal Chart Insight This is an Astrology reading looking at the major aspects of your chart that help you to gain insight and understanding to your life and what is happening around you. Must include date of birth, city and state, and time of birth for the most accurate reading.