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Hello and thank you for visiting with me for a few moments.
Life is all about changes and how we accept them. We seem to not do changes very
well judging from the news bulletins and all the self-help emails that flood our
inboxes every day.
I was born with a very useful talent of being able to feel the correct directions to
take in life, the changes to make and not make and how to make them. I have been
sharing this talent with those who need advice since I was ten years old.
So, here I am to share with you some good intuitive and logical advice to make
your own life path as free of potholes and dangers as possible.
Emotions can be a big boulder in the way of happiness, especially negative
emotions like anger, depression and anxiety. I can see if you have too high a level
of these destructive emotions and show you how to tamp them down.
Love is wonderful except when it is not. It is one of the most elusive feelings in the
human experience. Sometimes it makes us feel like we are walking on the edge of
a windy cliff above a stormy ocean. I can help you figure out whether you are in a
love relationship or just addicted to the person you are with and how to get into
healthy relationships and out of ones that can make you mentally and physically ill.
Then there is your job, career or what you do to keep yourself financially
functioning in this ever changing technological world. I can guide you away from
hurtful, dead-end jobs and into a more suitable one that will allow you to maintain
a healthy income and still be happy and fulfilled. This is not magic, it is just using your
own intuitive talent and mine for a *feeling* that you are in the right place at the right time.
Please come visit me in my chat room. I am diversity friendly and totally non-
judgmental. Let me help you fine tune your life to find contentment and rid
yourself of bad Karma. While you are at it, here is a virtual hug and a bit of
positive Karma to get you through your day

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Monday Jan 21, 2019

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