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More info about Skylar

2021-06-16  ~ A
Hi Skylar! I wanted to say thank you so much!! for bringing me ease and clarity! always being very patient with me.

2021-05-14  ~ E
Thank you, that does help me know what is going on!

2021-04-20  ~ N
So lovely to catch up xxx

2021-04-04  ~ E
Hello Skylar, thank you so much for this clarification, it's interesting bc I had felt the same thing... You are probably the most insightful psychic I've met, thanks for your help :)

2021-04-02  ~ H
Hi! I keep losing track with time and I wanted to say thank you so much!! confirming everything I have been feeling and I really appreciate your support.

2021-03-18  ~ T
Amazing. So straight forward and clear about the Details.

2021-03-11  ~ H
Thank you for your reading!

2021-02-25  ~ M
Thank you for today's reading! It was insightful and your presence created a grounding/calming energy. :D Xoxo, M

2017-11-22  ~D
Skylar, Is an amazing and accurate reader. She blows my mind all the time.

2017/11/16  ~M
Thanks for all your help in the readings I received from you. I appreciate your advice and insight into my situation.

2017/11/07  ~A
Skylar has helped me so much during a really heartbreaking time in my life recently. Now she is guiding me through to a transition towards a new beginning in my life and a new relationship. I am so thankful for her spot on advice and deep care and concern for me. She is one in a million and I am glad to have been able to conenct with her here on Psychic Contact.

2017/11/01  ~G
Skylar is fabulous.

2017/10/03  ~D
Thank you for your help :)

2017-09-19  ~D
thanks for the connection to check my situation, I did ask a lot of questions of different topics, hope to see it all working out, ty

2017-07-30  ~K
Thank you for all your care and help, Skyla.., Love, Katie

2017-07-21  ~P
Seriously Skylar u are amazing at picking up detailed information as usual!! I loveeeee ur readings. Your reading from January is already happening and coming true. Your timing was on spot! Thank you so much love!!

2017-07-18  ~R
I spoke with Skylar regarding a very important issue I was dealing with. She gave me advice which turned out to be exactly how things unfolded. When that happened, I thought of what she had told me to do, and ended up with a huge smile on my face. Thanks to Skylar for her common sense advice and support.

2017-07-18  ~T
Hi Skylar As always time flies when we chat and I enjoyed our session a lot as usual lol:) Talk soon!

2017-07-12  ~T
Hi Skylar thank you for the very lovely reading today, talk soon!

2017-07-06  ~R
Thank u For the reading of July 6.

2017-06-22  ~R
You gave me clear and compassionate advice and I will take it. Thank you so much for guiding me.

2017-06-19  ~A
Skylar is fantastic! She never lets me down and I feel revitalized when I chat with her. She shines her light towards my complicated life and helps me make sense of chaos.

2017-06-01  ~C
Hi Skylar ! I wanted to just give you an update on the reading and say thank you for your help. I really enjoyed our seance. Sending love and light ! xo

2017-05-27  ~K
Thank you for all your guidance, Skylar... I so wanted to thank you. Best wishes to you!

2017-05-17  ~D
Skylar, once again has blown my mind. I've never seen a gift like this before. She is the real deal.Her gift is uncanny. love her

2017-05-16  ~R
Good morning again. Thank you for the reading this morning and for all the wisdom you have given me in showing me how the mindful act of just being present is so fulfilling. I would recommend anyone needing a psychic or a friend to seek you out. Thank you!

2017-05-09  ~A
Sklyar is so wonderful. She has helped guide me in the right direction. She has told me things that there is no way she could know without her special gift. I am grateful for her insight and help.

2017-05-02  ~R
I am deeply appreciative of the time you took with me last night and this morning. Your keen insight and validations helped me enormously. I just love you.

2017-04-20  ~D
Another reading on point. I'm blown away with Skylar and her readings. I have yet to receive a reading that is off. Always, always right on the money.

2017-04-20  ~D
Skylar - I just love skylar is AWESOME! warm, caring and compassion in her readers. I just love her!!

2017-04-19  ~R
Thank you so very much for your insight and guidance last night and this morning.

2017-04-10  ~D
Skylar, As always gives me the best advise. On point with truth and warmth. thank you

2017-04-06  ~A
Amazing!! Everything was extremely accurate and gave me great advice, as always! Last prediction came true so looking forward to this one :) thank you xx

2017-03-30  ~D
All I can say is WOW!! We have not spoken in about a few months. But boy did she nail it again.

2017-02-04  ~D
All I can say is WOW!! Amazing

2017-01-04  ~B
I love Skylar! She is so clear in her communication, saw my situation immediately and we just connected. It's like she knew everything. I cannot wait to update you again Skylar! You can see what's inside my heart and my head.

2016-10-17  ~B
Thank you. Very pleasant communication.

2016-08-01  ~M
Hi, we had a reading 2 months ago, it all happen exacting how you predicted it to happen. Best regards

2016-06-18  ~A
You were right on, I got the job that I had interviewed for... Thank you so much!!

2016-06-08  ~K
Thanks for an excellent reading today. You were so perceptive, accurate and insightful about my boyfriend. You described him exactly. Our chat gave me reassurance and a better perspective on our connection. I appreciate the advice!

2016-04-02  ~T
Hi Skylar, thank you for another great reading!

2016-04-01  ~M
Hi Skylar, I just wanted to thank you for a lovely reading where all I was hoping for seemed to be coming eventually. I hope you are doing well in here, I hardly ever see you online, tonight is very late, and you have different hours, but I remember your other readings from before, and enjoyed them and have missed you. You are clear and focused which is a very nice experience instead of all the newbies that seem to be here all the time, and who can hardly type or know what they are saying, lol. Well, we have all been beginners, but I was happy to reconnect with you now. Have a nice weekend. Hugs and blessings

2016-01-07  ~P
Skylar thank you for the great reading it definitely resonated. I will be in touch soon with an update. Blessings

2015-11-24  ~C
Skylar has been very honest and accurate in her readings for me. She doesnt tell me a fairytale she tells me the truth.

2015-11-12  ~K
Skyla, Thank you for all the chats and insights... Thank you, for your wisdom and insight. Best wishes to you...

2015-10-26  ~A
I'm so glad you are back Skylar. You are so accurate and to the point! Don't leave again :)

empath, clairvoyant, psychic, tarot reader, astrologer


I use divinity tools and my natural intuitive gifts to provide insight into what destiny has in store.

My close contact with Spirit Guides, Power Animals and Angels give me answers to your most burning questions. I provide guidance and assistance into relationships, career life, life goals, destiny, past lives, and future events.

My many years of experience provide hidden information that is often nuanced and hard to unearth.

Having an impartial assistant who can offer a different perspective can give you the clarity necessary to face the crossroads and make the right choice for your situation.

I can assist in matters of the heart and spiritual coaching and evolution. I am proficient in using tarot cards, pendulum, angel cards, birth charts, astrology, and intuitive messages.

I look forward to being of service and helping with any queries you may have today.

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