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More info about Trinity

2020-10-07  Natalie
I thoroughly enjoyed the reading and I knew you were being honest and not just telling me what I wanted to hear. Thank you for the honesty and the insights, I felt reassured and at peace after we spoke. I will be back to read again xxx

2020-09-27  Tiffany
Hi Trinity Thank you so much for your kindness this morning I am feeling better
Talk to you soon.

Aug 17, 2020  EM
Trinity helped me by immediately tuning in to my circumstance with total clarity. She was not throwing out guesses or sugar coating - she is an authentic psychic, and she gave me all the same advice that I received for myself, so her reading was strongly validating. She even repeated words and phrases my own guides have used so that I feel that I can trust what she has said. Thank you :)

Psychic Clairvoyant, Love & Relationship Expert, Spirit Guided Channeling, Card Reader, Dream interpretations.

Thank you for visiting my bio.
I am here to guide and help, be an instrument of love & light along your life
I was born Psychic and have been practicing for over 40 years.
I am accredited in many Psychic Arts.
My purpose in life is to be a service, offering guided Psychic insights to assist you.
I use my God given gifts throughout my readings with the focus and intention on
being a guide/channel to assist you.
There are times when we all need some guidance and having a reading is a great way
to gain clarity.
Just to obtain a Psychic perception, can be all you need in times of uncertainty.
Even in times when you just need re-assurance or direction.
I am approachable and will tell you exactly what I receive.
I can answer your questions on any topic.
My readings are channeled messages from my guides, at times showing you there are
different pathways offering you growth and healing.
Your free will, your inner truth is who you are, and my mission is to guide you to
open yourself to be who you choose to be.
I am clairvoyant/medium and have been doing psychic readings all my life.
I have worked with diverse clients, many whom have dual diagnosis mental health,
grief and loss, trauma, abuse and addictions.
I can help you discover your life-soul purpose, meet your Spirit guides, cleanse your
energy and show you ways to growth and personal development.
I have run many meditation groups and Psychic development courses.
If you feel led, I look forward to connecting with you.
Love & Light

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Friday Dec 10, 2021

Special E-mail Reading is available ($25.00)
DREAM INTERPRETATIONS are my speciality. My in-depth dream interpretations will amaze you. I will share with you the hidden meanings of your dreams. Dreams are sacred messages from your Spiritual helpers. They are passages where our love ones can convey a message to us. They offer perceptions we would not normally consider. I will decode them and interpret for you the insights I receive. No dream means the same for one person. They are all individual and personal for the dreamer. All you need to do is write what you remember. I will decode the signs and symbols within them, to help you understand, what the message means for you. I look forward to being a guide along your journey.