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2019-02-28  dove4peace
Violet, I just wanted to thank you for a great reading every time. I walk away clear and at peace. Thank you again

2019-02-20  Erin
Thank you again, so much. Your reading was invaluable. I could see you helped initiate the next step, thank you for reading from a higher level energy. You truly have a gift and I'm grateful that you're here! Much love

2019-02-14  dove
She was on point. Excellent, excellent I agree with everything she said. Thank you violet

Tarot., Pendulum Q&A, Emapthic, Dream Interpretation, Relationship & Life Coaching

*** Even with our physical eyes wide open, our inner eyes at time need guidance to see.*** I am here to help you learn to see and put to rest the questions that clutter the minds eye.

Born to a Native family, I am Shaman and was gifted with the Sight at birth. From very young I felt in tune with nature and the energies around me and found that peoples feelings were broadcast directly to my mind and heart and I could see their lives and feel every bit if happiness and sorrow they had, I was an Empath even before I knew what to call it. I learned with my High Priestess to focus my gift in order to single out the questions asked to find the answers sought and have always lived in balance with nature with the Moon and Sun to guide my spirit and my sight.

As Priestess I have done many types of Readings for the past 20 years including Tarot cards, where feelings and visions find the answers. The pendulum is best for yes or no answers or those that have only one answer or another. As an expert dream interpreter, I can remember finding the meanings of dreams from as young as 4 where I learned that dreams reveal all inner emotions and tell of all truths.
I have also done many Life Coaching sessions focused on self-love and confidence building, self empowerment and motivational speaking. I welcome you to experience my gift, welcome me into your mind and heart, and let me help guide your inner eyes to the answers you seek.

As your friend I will be there for you always to share each smile and each tear. As your friend and reader I promise that I will always be honest with what is revealed to me during our time together, and that I will always listen with an open heart.

Through Tarot cards, Pendulum, the Emapthic ability to see and feel, and by grace of Moon and Sun, I will guide you to the answers you seek and help your mind and heart to find its peace as your minds eyes begin to see again.

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Wednesday May 22, 2019

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