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More info about Aurora

2014-01-04  lmackie
Aurora is the REAL deal. She knew things - well... I have no idea how she knew the things she did. This lady is professional, sweet and very caring. Thank you Aurora for giving me so much comfort. L.

2013/08/02  Hailey - Vancouver, B.C. Canada
Aurora is intune - she knows what's in your heart and tells you the truth!! I highly recommend her to anyone. J

June 2010  Cicile - New Hampshire
Aurora was amazing - she was straight to the point and did not waste any time. She is not only the psychic I will go to for advice but my friend.

Psychic Medium, Connecting to the Other Side, Oracle Cards Clairvoyant

I am a professional Medium, Psychic and teacher of metaphysical subjects.

I have been able to see and communicate with the world of spirit since the young age of 3. With my spirit guides, myself and your loved ones, we will bring you healing and comfort. I connect to those helpers in Spirit to share their guidance and support. I will share messages that they have for you. It is very typical for your loved ones to give information such as their name (or first letter), how they passed, and of course who they have greeted on the other side; not to mention many other memories about their lives when they were here in the physical world. Remember, they are still with you just in a different form.

My wish is to bring you comfort, guidance, answers and support.

*** During the Covid-19 pandemic, many are fearful, some if not all of us have anxiety and perhaps some are even loosing hope. Some souls have lost their precious lives, some have lost those whom they love, some have suffered through the debilitating effects of this illness, some have lost their jobs, some their income, and most have encountered some sort of disruption to their normal flow of daily lives.

If you feel scared, and unsure of the future, know that you are not alone and I am here to offer you my healing services - Free of Charge. I will be in meditation, sitting in the Power of Spirit and asking for love and support to all that request healing at this time. You do not need to do anything to receive this healing except to send me your first name.

Blessings to all at this time...

TODAY IS: Tuesday Sep 21, 2021
Thursday Sep 23, 2021

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